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If you’ve found yourself saying, “When is this energy going to let up?!” You are not alone in this feeling. This is about the thickest wave of energy I have felt in a long time (and the longest wave). At first, I thought it was just me, having come out of surgery with a neck…

Soul Swaps/Walk ins and Dreams

I love to share my experiences, mainly because it helps me to process things, and more information tends to come out as I share. Also, me sharing parts of myself and my experience feels good. Who knows… maybe it can help others along the way. I’ve had a few things come through this week, but…

Timeline Jumps: What is Going on?

Timeline jumps… body jumps… Quantum leaps…what is going on? That is the big question. This has been a hot topic for me lately with family and friends. Its becoming a very noticable thing… a thing that can’t be ignored. Story Time 2 days ago, my sister and I sat on my porch talking… in the…

Light Language Transmission

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