“The path to your highest potential is the most amazing journey you’ll ever take!”

The Journey Begins

“I will not judge you, shame you, overwhelm you, try to “fix” you, or make the choices for you. I will, however, support you during your growth, go into the depths of the darkness with you, help you to trust your intuition, empower you, and respect you. I will hold space for you with unconditional love, compassion, acceptance, and trust. I offer you guidance, a hand to hold- to walk alongside you through this amazing journey, a greater understanding, and a deep knowing that you are not alone. ” -Krystle J

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Light Language Box Set: Includes 1 Rose Quartz stone, 1 Citrine, 1 Smokey Quartz Palm, 1 Amythyst Stone, 1 Fluorite. Also includes 1 3rd Eye Light Language Activation Pendent, and 1 Dragon Energy Light Language Pendant with Chain. Box is charged with positive energy and can be used to charge your stones and jewelry with.

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teal tee shirt with eyeball in center. Light language codes in art around the eye.

“Authenticity requires a certain measure of vulnerability, transparency, and integrity.”

Journey Into the Blog

Tarot Tips: Experience the Story

Many years ago, while walking through a bookstore, a tarot deck in its box fell as I passed. I picked up just going to place it back on the shelf, yet the art caught my eye. It was absolutely dreamy with beautiful bold colors that came to life when I looked at the back showing…

What Blocks Your Abundance

I’m sure you’ve heard of this or for some have even felt like something is blocking your abundance. When I talk about abundance, I’m talking about the state of being where everything is plentiful. When you are abundant, it is like you are standing in the middle of a vortex with energetic streams flowing in…

Dream Journey: The Train is Leaving

I woke up this morning in a jolt. I haven’t had a vivid dream in quite some time. Oddly enough… I remember thinking yesterday about this very thing. How I haven’t had a dream I can bring back in a while. I guess my subconscious had to stir somethings up to bring this one forward.…

Light Language Transmission

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New Course “Learn how to speak and sing Light Language” at Udemy Using the Power of Your Voice

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Your cup should be overflowing. What are you ready to fill it with?

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