Remembering Who You Are

Have you noticed through your life so far that you might have an affinity towards something…rather strange. With no explanation or no reason as to why you are attracted to certain things. You didn’t get it from your culture, your parents, or even friends. For me that “thing” was any and all kinds of Asian art. No one in my family ever cared for it, so I wasn’t quite sure where I picked up this draw towards Asian culture from a very young age. I later learned I was a Geisha makeup artist in a previous life and loved painting landscapes of the crisp mountains on my time off. No wonder I’d get lost in a landscape painting as if I was there breathing in the cool air that flowed between the cherry blossoms that danced with a soft tune of a bamboo flute. I’d look at the markings in the bottom corner imaging what these symbols mean… “peace…tranquility…serenity” Those words would be a perfect way to describe the scene in the painting. At least those are the things I always felt looking at the art. So, if you ever find yourself drawn to a certain something…there could be a reason why! Some other things I’ve really paid attention to is my fear of drowning. I’ve always said, ” Oh, that would be the worst way to pass!” Well, come to find out, I have actually passed in that way. That fear of drowning stuck around in this lifetime. Have you ever found yourself watching the nights sky, looking at a certain constellation, or even felt a longing to “go home” in that moment. You could be remembering who you are in that exact moment! I find myself doing this a lot. It’s the little things like this that really give you clues as to who you are, where you’ve been, and what you’ve been through. If you tune in to these clues, pay attention to the feelings that arise, you can begin to understand why…you are the way you are! Pretty deep question, huh! I’ve learnt a great deal about myself by looking closer at these things. Everything from the affinity to a certain culture, to why I loved the red stone my grandma gave me back when I was 8, to my fear of drowning, to my weight problems, why I enjoy the look of the 1920’s era, why I always ignored the calling of healing with my hands, and so on. These are things I had confirmed during a Beyond Quantum Healing Session. What I hadn’t figured out on my own became very clear and what I had already suspected about who I am was confirmed as true! I got to say, my soul has had many exciting lifetimes! When you start to put all these little pieces of the puzzle into place, suddenly things look a lot different. For me, those little pieces really opened my eyes to the bigger picture of my overall life… even lead me to understanding my purpose. When you begin to remember who you are and understand what you’ve been through, it leads to a clear understanding of why you are here now and what you have to offer the world; with an open heart filled with compassion for those you help along your way, a light that cannot be dimmed, and a longing to fulfill what you are meant to do! So, pay attention the next time you feel a draw towards something. It could just be the little piece of yourself that was missing all along to complete the puzzle. If you’d like to take the journey through your past lives and find out who you are, you can always schedule a beyond quantum healing session with me here

If you would like to learn more about Beyond Quantum Healing check out my page and Blog Post


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