How I Became A BQH Practitioner

A few things actually lead me to becoming a Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner! I’ve always been this person that felt this deep urge… this deep desire to help…help people, and I found more times than I can count that people would just draw to me like a magnet to vent and to receive my guidance. I found myself valuing those moments. I’ve always been highly in tune with energies, feelings, thoughts, emotions, and the shadow parts of the narrative which really has helped in knowing just what to say. I’ve also been pushed and pulled along the way by my guides. Which is an amazing experience in itself, being able to have a personal relationship with them and having them help me help someone else. This in itself lead me into tarot many years ago…and I guess you can say the synchronicities just starting rolling in from there. While doing a past life reading for a client one day, I was wrapped up in her experience. In this particular scene I was seeing, feeling, and hearing everything that was suppose to be her experience. The love she felt from the people in her life in that day in time and the love she shared with them was so pure. When I got done with that reading I sat there for awhile lost in thought. I wish she could have felt that purity ..that unity.. that unconditional love for herself. That single thought unfolded into me digging for “the how”! Me being me, having always been very curious and seeking knowledge about past lives and reincarnation anyways started doing a little digging. With a little help from the beyond… I found it, Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis. I just happened to be scrolling through social media and came across an ad about past life regression. I started digging further and wound up on a video on Youtube watching a QHHT session. I was browsing through the comments and noticed someone said something about BQH. I learned everything I could about it. I read books and watched hours and hours of videos. What really caught my attention about BQH was not only the fact I could put my clients in their own experience, but the fact that it felt so right! I listened to another practitioner speaking of the heart based intentions that go into the whole session. I was like, hmm… heart.based.intention. That’s how I function! Everything I do is through my hearts vibration. If I’m coaching someone, I’m speaking encouragement from my heart with the intention to push someone to their highest potential. If I’m doing a tarot reading, I’m speaking truth with a dose of love from my heart with the intention of helping them. So you see, I’m a connector and I like to connect the dots with knowledge. So I realized this was inspiration for me to add another tool in toolbox! I found what I was looking for to provide my clients the ability to be in their own experience. To see, to feel, to understand, to hear, and to be present with what exactly they need to know to help them in their personal journey. I got to say, I’m enjoying ever moment of this experience! If you’d like to have your own session done, feel free to contact me @


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