Manifesting: Let’s talk about it

Let’s talk a bit about manifestation. It seems like I get the Law of Attraction question a lot. How do you attract the things you want? What is the trick? What am I doing wrong? My best friend of 20+ years has chalked me up to a “master manifestor”. I would laugh and say ah… it’s just the power of the mind is all. Little did I know, I had been working with the laws of the universe. The Law of Cause and Effect was very easy to understand from an early age. Even in my little bitty developing mind I always understood that we reap what we sow. That’s basically what that law boils down to. I knew that if I put out good, good would be returned. It kind of goes hand in hand with The Law of Compensation that says, ” hey… you get what you give!” You have to take the other laws of the universe into account when you are using The Law of Attraction. Think of The Law of Vibration which really kicks off what it is you are trying to create. What you think about, you are attracting! Sometimes you have to check your vibration! Are you creating from a place that says, “I want more money” while holding the vibration of “the lack of”? This is where resistance becomes key in manifesting what you want. You cannot say, ” I am a money magnet” while holding onto the thoughts of not having the money you desire. Holding onto a mindframe of being without or thinking in a way that says, ” I really don’t believe these thoughts I’m having or these words I’m speaking.” is going to completely block you. So first things first, use The Law of Vibration to your advantage. Look around you, what do you see? Do you see anything you can be grateful for in this moment? That is one of the easiest ways to raise your vibration. Step into a position of gratitude! Now that you have the momentum going, think of what you want to create. I mean really get in that moment as if what you are wanting… is already there. Experience the positive feelings it would actually create inside of you meaning- feel the feeling! You are now participating in The Law of Action. This law says every single action we take, creates a result. After all, true failure is not even trying. This action of imagining that thing you want may sound silly… but it works! Throw out some positive affirmations claiming it as if you already have whatever it is. Instead of saying, ” Oh, one day I’ll have more than I need or I will be wealthy”, put it in present tense like, ” I have everything I need, or I AM wealthy!” This shifts the focus into the now. The universe begins to respond to you! Now here’s the tricky part I feel like most people forget to mention. Forget! You did the “work”, you imagined what is, you’ve said you’re positive affirmations, you’ve felt the feelings, now forget it! Send it out into the universe and trust the process. It’s much like using The Law of Polarity to stay neutral at this point. Doing this you don’t get caught up in creating resistance a few hours later by thinking negatively about what isn’t. What is meant for you will come and it could be far greater than what you had ever imagined. Imagine, Feel, Affirm, Trust, Forget.

Manifesting Light Encoded Grid

Breakthrough blocks and be a ” Master Manifestor”


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