Dream Interpretation

My favorite thing to do for myself and others is interpreting dreams. The symbolism that the subconscious uses in our dreams is beyond fascinating! Let me tell you how I interpret dreams with an example of my own dream. Get your dream journals ready!

There I was shoulder deep in murky river water, walking downstream. My nephew just a few steps behind me following along. In this water, there were many snakes, all different sizes and colors. Some were dead and just floating. I kept checking back on my nephew and thinking he would know what to do if any of these snakes bothered me. I don’t like being in river water nor snakes! All of a sudden, this humongous snake with the a head like a t-rex jumps out. The jumbo monster snake was light lime green with a white diamonds shaped pattern on its skin. It wraps around me, and I tumble with it for a moment thinking its going to pull me under the water. Everything goes black, and i’m at a scene that looks like a circus. There was an arena area, a stage, and tons of empty chairs. A woman in a red lingerie like costume comes out of the backroom and says the snake is taken care of. I walked in the backroom and there a young girl sat beside the monster snake. It was like the snake had been tranquilized. The woman in red had walked out the backdoor and I could see she crossed a street, heading to a store like she was in a hurry and had forgotten something. I remember thinking,” She’s so exposed just walking out like that with hardly anything on.” My eyes went back to the girl and the snake . I didn’t want to be anywhere near that thing so I walked back out to the arena area. I feel like I might wait on the show to start. Sitting there, I heard the sound of metal pans clanging and my heart sunk. I crept back into that backroom and the snake had began wrapping around that little girl and she was yelling,” I thought I had it, I thought I could control it!” Now my eyes looked down to beside the girl, and their laid my 3 year old daughter asleep. I looked at the snake in the eyes as if I was saying,” Don’t !” The snake opened it gigantic mouth, snapped its head quickly towards my daughter and bite down into her forehead. My baby girls eyes popped open and so did mine!

Now that may seem just like a silly nightmare…but it’s so much deeper than that! Here’s how I break down the symbolism in dreams. Starting from the beginning, I go down through the list of every minute detail.

River Water-don’t like it, flow of things, momentum, life force. Snakes-Things that scare me, hidden, pop out of nowhere. Dead Snakes- fears over, no longer a threat. Tiny Snakes-Fears that aren’t a threat, things I don’t worry with. Nephew- boy, masculine, energetic, fighter(he is! lol) BIG MONSTER SNAKE- unavoidable fear, amplified fears. Lime green-Healing color, Go…but slowly. Circus-event, entertainment, hectic, chaos, alot going on. Empty arena- calm before the storm, nobody near, loneliness, peaceful. Woman in Red- entertainer, leader, strength, flamboyant, doing her own thing, conscious, rebel, different. crossing street-exposed, risky. Secret Back Door-didn’t know it was there. Little girl-She actually looked like a teen version I had integrated during a BQH session. Backroom- Where the fear was held, the snake. Snake wrapping around the girl- Suffocating, trapping, killing slowly. My Daughter- Little me, mini me, not conscious of the fear/snake.

I feel this dream was showing me that I still have healing to do. That it’s not time to stop, forge ahead…. slowly. The color of that monster snake tells me proceed but pace myself. The dead and tiny snakes are things that I have dealt with and things I don’t need to worry about at the moment. If I keep ignoring the healing process, the fear with take over and suffocate me. I cannot let that fear…that monstrous snake wrap around me or even the other parts of me that are healing. I feel like my daughter represented my core. Childhood shadows that I am not conscious of (her being asleep) and that what the snake is really trying to get to. The snake can really be thought of as my fear of going that deep… my fear of facing those parts. It was like a wakeup call to dig deeper into my core, find the roots that need healing, and continue slowly with my personal healing.

So, you see, there’s so much more to dreams than just chalking it up to coincidence or something not to pay attention to. It’s your subconscious/higher self’s way of saying, “hey, this needs attention!” My subconscious understood my fear of murky water and snakes, it chose to use that as way to not only get my attention but for a clear sign to face my fears! Hope this helps you begin to interpret your own dreams. If you need help, I do offer dream interpretation for just $10.00. You can always email me journeyintuit@gmail.com


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