Empath Tip

One of the biggest questions I get from my clients is, “How do I protect my energy?” or “How do I protect myself from other’s energy?” If you find yourself feeling completely drained after going into a store or even having anxiety during the trip…first, you’re more than likely an empath. Many people that ask this question don’t even realize they are! Empath’s soak up other people’s energy… and for the most part, the feelings that are absorbed are negative ones. Anger, sadness, anxiousness, fatigue, etc. are typical for an unprotected empath to experience. Think about this… have you ever been in a great mood, then all a sudden go somewhere or be around a certain someone and your great mood has vanished? Nooo…come back! One of the easiest way to put a layer of protection around you is visualization. Imagine a beautiful golden, white light coming down into your crown. Allow this light to run through your body, down through your arms, into every finger, down your legs, and into your toes. Next you want to anchor this light into Gaia, so just imagine that the light moves into the ground below you and all the way into the core of earth. Now focus on the light that is filling your body. Allow it to grow bigger and bigger until it is completely surrounding your whole body. Feel its vibrations and let this light raise your vibration too. This light will cover you like a comfy protective bubble! If you do this before leaving your home or interacting with that negative person, you will find you’re not taking on others emotional baggage anymore. Also you’ll begin to realize that bad mood you thought you were in or even those tears you were fighting…weren’t even your feelings to begin with! One of the hardest things for an empath is trying to decipher through what is your feelings/pains and what is someone else’s. If you are a physical empath you may find yourself picking up other’s health issues. Feeling aches and pains that aren’t even yours can completely overtake you and drain your energy if you aren’t paying attention. Give the protection visualization a try! It might seem or feel a bit silly at first, but remember- There is power in intention!


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