The Brightest, Shiniest Doors Ever

I know what you’re thinking…what in the world is this going to be about? The…brightest…shiniest…doors…ever, she wrote?! I’m talking about the doors in my home! The energies have been a little hmmm… overwhelming lately. Maybe you’ve noticed it too? Unwanted emotions from the past arising screaming, “DEAL WITH ME!” as well as a overload of anger that seems to be sitting on the tip of my tongue waiting to be expressed. The days of sitting in contentment and reacting with pure love seemed so far behind. I had been feeling like spiritually speaking, I had took 10 steps backwards on my journey. So what does one do to realign my vibration to that ecstatic, spunky badass that I truly am? I painted… my interior doors… many. many. many. times. Yep, that’s it! I held that brush in my hand, whipping it back and forth pretty aggressively upon the door. With each brush stroke back and forth, I allowed my thoughts to ramble. They went everywhere from past memories of childhood wounds to present day minor disappointments. I was being present and feeling. I was fixated on the evenness of this glossy clean white paint, so much so that I couldn’t stop. Which in turn meant I couldn’t turn away or run away from the thoughts that were flashing up like little movies. Clips being highlighted that needed attention. I could hear my inner guidance speak clearer than I had in along time. Up and down the brush pressed firmly against the door, deeper I pressed into my emotions. By the time I was almost done with the last door and the last coat, I realized not only had the negative feelings disappeared but my mind was clear. It was just as clean as these sparkly doors! My strokes of the brush were more graceful…light, concentrated, and easily flowing. I have now painted 6 doors, with at least 3 coats of this brilliantly clean, fresh, shiny white paint while cleaning my heart and mind at the same time. Now maybe you won’t pick up a paint brush and paint the doors LOL but you can find your own way to cleverly allow yourself to be present. Everyone has to find their own way of finding their own peace, and maybe what works for some just won’t work for you. You may have to get creative in your healing journey! Some may find meditation heals, connecting with nature while on a walk barefoot, getting lost in the tranquility of some high vibrational music, washing dishes while sungazing out the kitchen window, coloring a mandala, sweating it out with a friend at the gym, staring at the brilliance of the stars….or maybe you’ll find it painting the doors and watching them turn into the brightest, shiniest doors ever!


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