Synchronicities: Are You Paying Attention?

I love the feeling of joy that consumes me when I notice the synchronicities rolling in! It’s a splash of excitement with a touch of wonder for what is next every single time. Sometimes those signs are so subtle that if you aren’t paying attention, you won’t even notice! Now I am a firm believer that our guides don’t … won’t give up so easily! Good thing for us huh? Let me tell you about my latest roll in of synchronicities in my life. I’ve been stuck in this “place” of waiting, wondering, even worrying about what is next for me. Those old questions of what is my purpose…am I on the right path…am I doing what is right for me, began to creep in. I stand firm in what my purpose is- I know I am here to bring that light, to empower others, to help them in their spiritual growth, and to activate these higher vibrations in me into others. Now I know there are many ways I do that. I know I get to use my gifts when it comes to my tarot readings, my voice during beyond quantum healing sessions, and even while talking with a stranger on the street. I also know exactly how important it is for me to keep my vibes HIGH! I know that whatever the frequency is that I hold in my heart space while interacting with others is exactly the frequency that is being activated in them. So yes, very important for me to maintain myself. A bit of a back story on the other part of this: About 2 years ago, I was at my friends home visiting. It was the night before her grandfathers funeral and I was there for support as well as doing her hair and makeup the next morning. She had other family there for the night as well. As we all sat in the living room talking, a family member, her beautiful blue eyed husky lays down the floor. He was acting very strangely, tongue drawn out, breathing funny, fixed eyes. As my friend held him in the floor and the others gathered around the family dog with tears in their eyes, I drew back feeling emotions overwhelm me as well. I even had to step outside to gather myself. I felt this strange draw to go back inside and so I did. I walked over to where everyone was around the dog. My friend was saying his heart is slowing. I looked at over at this dog and his eyes caught mine…or maybe mine caught his. There it was again, this strange draw. It was like a voice said, “well go on, you know what to do!” I had no idea what to do… or so I thought. I slowly moved closer and looked at my best friend of 20 plus years and asked can I feel his heart. Now I have to admit, I am not much of animal person. I got bitten by a dog when I was younger so the fear of touching animals has always stuck with me. There I was, placing my hand onto this dogs chest. Pressing into this area that was “failing” him in that moment. Everything and everyone else just faded away for just a moment. My hand that felt like it was on fire was now pulsating. I didn’t keep my hand there for very long, just long enough to “know” I had done what I could do and I did. As I backed up, this dog that everyone had just knew was about to pass, jumps up and goes on his way. I’ll never forget the comfort I felt. It wasn’t shock or wonder…It was contentment. Fast forward a bit to the first time I ever “channeled”. I was in a position of questioning my path and my purpose, and all a sudden while sitting at my kitchen table. An emotion overcame me out of nowhere. The sweetest, most delicious, incredibly beyond loving feeling just filling me up inside and I spoke. When I spoke, it was if it wasn’t my words, my voice. The words that flowed out summed up to me being a healer and a activator. So, there I was … yet again wondering… well how am I going to put this out there? How will I even begin to use this gift? How, how, how… So that’s kind of where I’ve been lately with everything. Especially after receiving information that I would be working with the elements on top of all this other info I had been receiving. I had been stuck in this waiting period, not knowing which direction to take. I’m sure you guys have been there! To me, when I get out of balance with my path, my whole energy becomes wacky. I will begin to feel very unaligned with my purpose. So I said, ” Okay, universe! If you want me to take this path I will. I will learn it all and use it for the highest good!” and well… let’s just say Wow, did the universe respond! If hadn’t been paying attention to it all I would’ve missed it. Oh yes, and btw the person who spoke through me was a new “guide” that I would like to say is like a mother healer type who has stepped up to help in my learning with healing and the elements. So yesterday morning I wake up with a strong desire to go outside and make a fire. So i followed that nudge! I did just that, I poured my coffee and lit a fire. I was like hmm… Am I beginning my journey of working with the elements? Will I somehow incorporate this into healing? So what does one do? LOL, I googled: working with the elements for beginners! About 15 minutes into my research, a notification pops up on my phone with a title ” Working with the 5 elements”. What! I clicked it and watched. This was a live show by a friend I had worked with before that had a guest on her show talking about this. I was glued to the conversation and asking questions about her methods. I knew I needed to email her to get some more info because it turns out she teaches this message. I had hesitated for a moment, but then I noticed on the phone the time was 2:22. I looked up in amazement, now being seated in my kitchen with my coffee watching this. Then I noticed the stove’s time was 5:55 and not only that, I turned towards the microwave and it had 1:11 on it. I couldn’t click her email address into the compose box fast enough! I emailed her and told her all these fantastic synchronicities coming in and how I would like to learn. I am now set to begin classes!!! I imagine if I had paid attention to all the messages, signs, symbols, and angel numbers I had been getting the past few years, maybe I’d be even further in my growth…my journey. I also thank my spirit team for not giving up on me and continuing to throw those synchronicities out there to me. It is very exciting to have learned through synchronicities how my “mother healer” guide uses different ways to communicate with me. So, after my very long story that was made super short just to give you an idea of how synchronicities work… I ask you, are you paying attention? Some ways these syncs can work is hearing a song that brings up a certain emotion, seeing the same animal repeatedly, seeing angel numbers, a friend saying something that gives you that feeling of pausing and reflecting, scrolling through facebook and a post lines up with things you had been experiencing, dream messages, and soooo much more. Lean into these messages from the beyond, they are dots to connect your path in your journey!


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