It Ain’t Ya Business: Focusing on Your Own Energy

Right?! Maybe this subject ain’t my business (insert shrug emoji). I’ve noticed people around me are having a hard to time balancing their energy. Oh, the complaining…oh the dense energy, sighhhh.

I hear,” I’m angry…so angry! I have no energy! I just feel like crying and don’t even know why!” but at the same time I also hear, ” Did you see what “Ashley” was doing the other day? I don’t understand why she’s acting that way. I can’t believe they did that?” Come on!!!

You can’t try to re-align your own energy while worried about somebody else’s! Guess what happens when you’re critiquing someone else’s actions… you’re doing two things. One-inviting the same kind of vibration into your life on top of your already super heavy vibes and two-mirroring what they are doing. (Mirroring: as in LOOK IN THE MIRROR)

You are more than likely are looking at their faults instead of your own! Ironically, it seems to be the same thing you have done or doing/felt or feeling. (Insert wink emoji)

I don’t know about you…but gossip has ALWAYS brought down my vibration. I’ve been that person that just walks away or even tunes out from a group conversation if it starts to steer in that direction. No ma’ams, you are not pulling me down that road, I don’t need that heavy energy!

It is sometimes extremely hard to keep your own energy aligned and vibing high, so don’t add onto your plate. It’s kind of like filling up on what you’ve already stuffed down, then someone say here eat this too. How does that feel? Lacking energy…motivation…not wanting to “move”! Sounding familiar? I’m sure there’s a better example, it’s just what my guide was showing me as writing, Lol!

My point is… if you aren’t feeling your best, don’t take on anyone else’s Sh*t! Yours is enough to handle, I promise! Even those that help others on a daily basis, like doing readings and such. Sometimes if you are in need of realigning your energy, you may have to pull back for a bit, and that’s OKAY!

For the longest time, I felt so guilty for taking time and space for myself when it was so very much needed. The energy continued to drain from me, and I became physically sick. I kept ignoring the nudge to stop and take a break…but we all know what happens when you keep ignoring signs! They will get louder and louder. My “louder” became physically ill! At that time, other’s people’s problem just wasn’t any of my business. I had to handle my own business. There will be times where ” It ain’t ya business”!


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