Life isn’t Bland

…and if it is, for you… it’s not meant to be. I lived that “way” for along time. I let the mundane day to day: Eat, Work, Sleep cycle take over.

Life was…bland. In fact, as bland as it gets. I would wake up and think,” Is this day over yet?” Not even wanting to get out of bed.

Next step, of course…go act like a machine at a 10 hour plant where I built cars. Move this way, drill this, bend, jump when I say! I was like a robot, period. Clock out, drive home, fix supper, spend a few minutes with my then one daughter, sleep, rinse…REPEAT! Sound familiar?

Finding happiness in the days were few and far between. Then… the best thing ever could have happened.

Things started to fall out of place so things could fall into place!

Isn’t that a beautiful thing all in itself? The beauty of how life works, even in our favor when we can’t even see it or even begin to appreciate it.

How many times have you lost a job and thought,” Gah, I appreciate unemployment!” LOL! It is hard to do in that moment.

The thing is, I began to look at everything in appreciation. The more I practiced, the more gratitude I had for every experience. Yes, even the “bad”. Which for me was nothing more than a push saying,” No, you’re supposed to go this way!”

Anyways…I lost that job. I had been at that plant for about 8 years and was making incredible money as well as had amazing benefits. The thing is, it’s not what I was meant for. Life was …bland.

Somehow in my, what I thought then to be my downfall, was actually the spice I needed in my sauce! Things got very strange from that point. A good kind of strange and my normal now.

I started paying attention to what life or the universe had to offer me. I started soaking in all the beauty around me. My heart space held a vibration of gratitude for it all.

The glorious sunsets that painted the sky like cotton candy, the rays that streamed through the trees dancing as if was speaking codes into my very essence, the way cool mud felt up under my toes, the message in the red birds that would swing by every once in a while, my children’s eyes lighting up when they tuned into their joy, the way my spirit guides would lead me to exactly where I needed to be ( it’s exactly what they did), the sense of pride I would feel just observing all of this.

Life seemed very different when I started looking at it differently. Even the air that would fill my lungs had a new feeling. I felt alive… I feel alive. I think my life truly began when I started listening, truly seeing, and walking towards who I am and what I was here for!

Everything before that I feel like was lessons. Lessons that carried wisdom, that showed me what true happiness is, things I needed to learn to better fine tune my purpose! Have you recognized what you’ve learned leading up to this very moment you’re in? Maybe, that holds a missing ingredient?! Maybe life looks so bland because somethings need to be added to create what you’re trying to make.

Recipe: Think about what you’re trying to create first. (examples: maybe you want to create a reality where you are financially free, maybe you want a long lasting committed relationship, maybe you want to be a rock star!)

Think about your ingredients next: Start with gratitude for what and where you already are!!! Add to your creation. Will you add excitement for you money flow coming in? Maybe a sense of freedom! What about pure compassion for someone else, an open heart to feel that love, or a openness to be exactly who you are! How about adding the zest, the spunk, and a big dose of laughter!!!

Elevate all those ingredients: try every single day to really FEEL those things. Seek them out and experience them to the max. Let those ingredients mix with others to make an even more powerful concoction.

Get to a place in your life where every single day isn’t taken for granted. Every single day a glimpse of your creation is a degree closer. Every single day breath in life’s sweetness. Every single day show gratitude for the experience. Every single day follow your path- YOUR PATH.

Marinate In Your Uniqueness! Welcome to your amazing, very un-bland, delicious life!


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