Synchronicity: Messages from Beyond

What is a synchronicity? Described as “the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.” To me, they are messages from beyond to nudge you towards the right path. If your paying close attention, these synchronicities happen all the time. You are being lovingly guided to exactly where you are meant to be. Sometimes these messages are subtle and can go unnoticed, so it’s very important to tune in to what is happening around you. The more you pay attention, you’ll begin to understand there is a message in everything. Synchronicities can come in many forms. It may be in angel numbers: you know! those number patterns that keep popping up on the timeclock, or in street signs, and even while scrolling social media… 111, 222, 333, etc. It may be you thinking of someone and a song comes on there radio that holds some significance to that person, or even a message from a passed loved one to let you know they are near. It can be the universes way to answer your questions: The cloud that looks like a baby to reassure you your dreams are in reach, the thoughtful question a 4 year old asks you that shakes something in your core for you to explore, a specific color that keeps catching your attention that relates to an energy center in yourself that needs healing, the dream that feels so real you think of it for 3 days straight, maybe even the way you notice someone with a flat tire as you’re going down the road and you think to yourself, “I should check my tires” but you don’t and the next morning you wake…and your tire is flat! It is the call, the whisper, the song, the words, the numbers, the actions, the response, the feelings, the energy, and the vibrations from everything in your life. The entanglement of fragments of two or more things that have found each other and interact to bring you to where you need to be! Synchronicity goes beyond time and space, to a place where its just you, sitting in that moment…recognizing your destiny. Open up to your messages from beyond, they are provided for you to guide you.

Story Time: My most recent simultaneous occurrence of events which are most certainly significant to my latest experience and my BIG push to continue on my path. Let me tell you a bit beforehand so you can understand my point of view in the moment. I had been feeling… a mixture of emotions that I’d rather not had been feeling. Hopelessness, sadness, angry, numb, off balance, lost, confused, etc… These feelings just emerged. I thought,”Oh mannn, What is this? Why am I feeling this way? Maybe I need to take some time to heal whatever is coming up.” So I did that, at least I tried to do that. I noticed as I worked the psychic hotline, I was feeling rather disconnected from my spirit guides. The signs, symbols, and answers weren’t coming in clear at all. So all in all… I was having a pretty tough time. I didn’t understand what exactly was going on. I acknowledged it and took some time off thinking maybe I just need some me time to get re-centered. That wasn’t working either. I thought about this woman who had done her very first BQH session on me and thought,” hmm… maybe I can reach out to her to see if she wants to practice again on me. I could certainly use a session and guidance at this point!” WELL… I didn’t have to reach out to her. The next day she reached out and asked could she provide another session for me. She said while she was facilitating other session, she kept hearing my voice speaking the induction, so she decided to reach out! Coincidence? Synchronicity! So we set the session up for the following day. YES! In this particular session I learned that I was not disconnected from my spirit guides (the ones I was use to) but that another had stepped forward and was in the forefront right now. She has been trying to work with me and had been trying her best to communicate with me. I learned her way of communicating during this session, which is different from my other guides. The signs she had been sending me all makes sense now! During the session, my ways of healing was talked about which had been discovered in other sessions, but also I was told I would be working with the elements to do so. WHAT! Working with the elements??? I knew/know nothing about THE ELEMENTS! After the session finished, I had alot to think about. So instead of wracking my brain… I simply said,” Okay, I’ll do this if you want me to…but you are going to have to lead the way. Get me there, and I’ll do it!” I didn’t know the power of that moment. The purity of releasing my grip on the outcome and just being. Setting that intention out into the universe with the calmness of knowing it would come, was magic. The synchronicities that followed, blew my mind. The following day, I woke up pretty early and started my day. I found myself doing something I never do… I went outside and started a fire in my firepit that’s only been used very few times. I was sitting there, watching it dance. I felt a little fear, as I’m not comfortable with fire. I think I understand its power in some form or fashion. Anyways, sitting there in that moment I thought, ” hmm… maybe I’m beginning to work with the elements!” followed by a little chuckle. I picked up my phone as laid back on the hammick and enjoying the warmth of the fire. I began to google, “working with the elements…for beginners” of course. No sooner could I scroll down and was about to click what I thought was the best place to start, a notification pops up on my phone. It was from YouTube, from a woman I had been conversating with and had facilitated BQH sessions with before. The title of her video: Working With The 5 Elements! I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped and of course I clicked on it! I listened to the woman she had on her show that day talk about a ritual she does, and I began asking questions. It was funny because while asking the first question, the woman had went on to answer my second question. I googled her info so that I could email her because she teaches this. I wrote out the email, and I felt a little hesitant as sometimes I am naturally. I looked up from my computer and behold I see the numbers 5:55 on my stove, 1:11 on my microwave, and then glanced back to my computer in excitement…and the numbers 2:22 was there. I had to add in the email about the numbers and clicked send! I posted on the live video that I had sent an email, because I’m interested in learning. The next thing I got this heat wave run through my body! At that same moment, that woman said, ” I feel cold chills running all through me!” The other woman whom I had worked with before said, ” Oh my, I feel tingles going all over me!” Thinking about it now… was that our spiritual guides all working together?! Needless to say, I am definitely taking these classes now!


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