New Year, No New Me

Happy New Years dear friends! We made it to 2021! Now I know it’s a very common thing to yell,” NEW YEAR, NEW ME!” but for me personally… I’ll just step outside of that box this go around. Becoming a “new me” would mean leaving behind all I’ve learned this past year. So here’s to the new year, and the same me carrying along all the wisdom I’ve gained from the past year, all the brilliant inner work I’ve done, all the gratitude that fills my heart for the experience, the abundance of love I’ve shared while connecting with new friends and strengthening relationships with my family. Yessss 2020 was hard! Don’t get me wrong…but there were things I learned this past year that truly helped me evolve as an individual. Never had it been a better time then this year past to dig deep and stretch into the essence of your true self and boy, did I! I learned what it’s like to be alone and not feel lonely. I got to feel what true, deep, raw connection is with the people I love. I grew so much that I had no other choice than to speak my truth. I stepped outside of my comfort zone so many times and I couldn’t be prouder. Everytime I craved knowledge I learned a new skill. I added to my business and met some pretty interesting people along the way. I came to understand that I’m at my best when I’m evolving and learning new things. I found my sweet spot, that pure contentment, satisfaction…you know that peace that when you lay down at night your mind actually shuts down. That… is growth! I’m excited to step into 2021 with a attitude of gratitude and a deep knowing that this me…the one I found this year…will continue to embrace all the deliciousness life has to offer. Serve it up 2021, I am hungry for the experience!


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