Amp up your Psychic Abilities

So… there I was in meditation and my very wise but pushy spirit guide says, “hit record”. So I followed the suggestion and just started rambling on in a video about how I don’t even know what this video is suppose to be about but I’m following the call to do so. After I started a little introduction, I was being shown a child version of myself and my guide says,” it would be a marvelous time to talk a bit more on your story.” Well, okay then! So seeing the child version of me, I thought, ” Ohhh, they want me to go way back!” As I started talking I feel like the message they actually wanted to get across was to get back to your truth! Your truth is found, hidden, maybe even buried under layers and layers of programming. Your very essence of being is that child you! They had begin to show me that game where you stack the blocks up and someone pulls a block out and the whole thing might fall. I feel that was a great visual that represented our need to remove some blocks…hell maybe even allow the whole “you” to collapse. Those blocks were literal, being the blockages you have to your gifts. Your natural, God-given abilities! We start out in life full of wonder, so very much open to the spiritual world. As we go along, sometimes others way of thinking, their judgement, and even our own fears block us. We begin to close off or shut down those gifts. Think back to when you were a kid… I’ll bet many of you had “imaginary friends”, played pretend a good bit, and laughed…alot! One of the most important factors of bringing your abilities back is …drum roll please… PLAYFULLNESS! yes! To be playful, is to be free from the seriousness that day to day life brings in with all the crap around you…truly boggin your vibration down! You want to stand in your truth, work your way back to the childhood essence of you. Find your happiness, your joy, your laughter, your sense of compassion, your love for all!

I was talking on that video about a nice, easy, and fun meditation I use to not only fine tune my gifts I already use but to find that playfulness. All I do is turn some meditation music on… I like more upbeat ones for this. Get centered, get still! Allow your focus to go to a specific part of your body- say the big toe. You’ll notice how all of your attention goes to that spot, then take notice of what it looks like. You might begin to notice feelings as well like warmth or vibrations. Oh, and it’s okay if you don’t the first few times- You Will! The further you move up your body, get more playful with it. Weave in and out of that area you’re in, noticing the textures of muscles, how the bones feel, the senses you get. I typically see like sparkles of gold dust kind of magically zapping in and out and allll around. Let your mind play! It gets really fun when you get to areas like your pineal gland. Ohhh and also if you’re ticklish, you may laugh a bit around the thighs or arm pits!!! Notice your energy centers and the colors. I’ll tell you the more you do it, you may begin to notice the vibrancy of the colors change. What may had been a transparent like pale yellow, may become a bright neon yellow! When you get to your heart center, see it expanding and being filled with joy. Whatever you see, have a good time with it! This isn’t only stepping into the true essence of yourself but it’s also going to raise your vibrations and let’s face it, we need to be vibing higher to be able to tune into our gifts anyways. If you guys have any questions or would like to schedule a reading check out my services page

Oh, and Dear spirit guide, my old wise friend… I love you, and I hope your happy, I went a step further! Love, your friend that I’m sure drives you nuts half the time!


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