Clairvoyance is the ability to see information and energy beyond time and space. It is your ability to clearly see! It goes beyond just seeing with your eyes, but using your third eye. This way of seeing can happen in different ways such as coming to you in dreams, seeing swirls of color, seeing another’s aura, observing a scene like a movie being played out before you, and images in your mind eye. Sometimes these visions will come out of nowhere, when you are connecting to another person, in your dreams, or in meditation. Let’s talk about the 4 different types of clairvoyance

Telesthesia is your ability to see current events. This is that moment when you think of someone and you have the “movie clip” of what they are doing play in your minds eye. It is the current in this time/space that you are clearly seeing. Ex: For me this happens in a form of remote viewing sometimes. I tune into that person, place, or thing and can see the scene as it is now.

Precognition is your ability to see future events. It is when you are seeing things unfold or evolve in the future. You may have an intense dream, and then all of a sudden you realize that dream is now your reality. You might be speaking to someone and get a image that comes into your mind’s eye as a message/warning for that person. It’s like just for the moment you are sliding through time/space to visualize the energy of what is to come. Ex: This ability for me comes in forms of potential paths. It’s a sense of if this action is taken, this is the consequence. It will play in my minds eye as clips, or images as if it was happening in the present.

Retrocognition is your ability to see past events. This might come at times when you may touch an antique, visit a landmark, or even connect to the emotions in someone else’s energy field. Ex: For me, this ability happens spontaneously alot. I can look into my field and see soldiers of the past battling upon their horses. If a person is saying one thing, but their energy is on a different vibration…then I tend to pick up scenes of past events to show what happened so that I can better help or just understand them.

Synesthesia seeing a persons energy or their environment as of now. This kind of goes hand in hand with the above. It clear vision that breaks through this barriers of what is being portrayed. It’s kind of like saying,” I can see right through you!”

All things are connected, as is the energy of people, time, events. Your clairvoyance is your ability to interpret the images you get. Of course, everyone will work in a different way! I work with my spirit guides when using clairvoyance a lot of times. There are a few signs you can take notice of that could indicate you are clairvoyant such as you may be a visional learner. Sometimes the way we retain information is exactly how we receive information. So if your the type that needs to see something and that helps you learn quicker… it could be a sign you are clairvoyant. If you have vivid dreams, or see a solution to a problem in your head, you may be clairvoyant. Also, if you are the type that really takes in your environment, you know, takes notice of the colors in your room and typically doesn’t like clutter, then that can be a sign you are clairvoyant as well. Just like with any gift and every muscle in your body, this needs to be practiced! When you use it, practice with it, play with it… you will strengthen it. It will continue to grow, flow, expand, and evolve! A quick little way to work this muscle is

  1. Get in a nice meditative state, don’t overthink it! 5 minutes is fine to start with. Have fun with it!
  2. Raise your vibration simply by visualizing your walking up some steps. With each step you take, feel yourself feeling better, lighter, and excited.
  3. Simply ask for a vision. Go with the first thing that comes and don’t try to overthink it or analyze it at this point… you can do that later.
  4. Just observe what you see for as long as you’d like

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