Clairaudience is clear hearing, also known as psychic hearing. This simply means you can hear things, its kind of like having a mental ear. So in a way you might hear it as thought form, or you could literally hear the noise or voices as if it were right beside you even when its not.

So lets talk about some signs you might notice if you are clairaudient… and really I think everyone is- some just don’t take notice of it.

Signs you may be clairaudient:

You hear ringing or buzzing like a vibration in your ears!!! That is you tuning into a specific frequency…kind of like a connection being established.. Ring ring, hellooooo!

Another sign could be clairaudient is you’re more of a listener than a talker. I am definitely more of a listener than a talker! Have you ever found yourself in the supermarket and someone just approaches you and next thing you know… you know their whole life story and in the middle of talking to that person you realize you just gave some pretty profound advise, kind of blew you’re own mind type moment. Yea,you might clairaudient! Those messages are coming in from above and beyond… especially if you think afterwards, well that didn’t even sound like me, you were using your clairaudience to relay those words of wisdom

Also, if you find yourself receiving telepathic thoughts from people. Answering peoples questions before they can even get it out, being able to know what they are thinking or going to say next, and they kind of give you that look… that’s another clear sign you are clairaudience.

You might hear tones when looking at colors, they have a vibration to them just as feelings do. So you might come to experience these the further you grow this muscle. Which to me personally is really exciting!

Maybe you’re someone, like myself who talks to yourself alot, or even plants and animals. Its as if you can hear them speaking back.

You might also hear your spirit guides or passed loved one too! I’m kind of weird when it comes to this… I’m more clairaudient at night in my sleep. I’ll be deep in sleep and instead of visual dreams, I’m hearing my spirit guides or someone else talk. Most of the time I can’t remember what was being said, just the tones and vibrations… like I know someone’s been talking to me all night. I really have to work on the remembering part!

Another one, you might really enjoy music, I mean like its almost like a life line. As well as needing a lot of “you” time either listening to that music or just having peace and quiet. You might also all of a sudden in those quiet moments find that music begins to play in your mind or ear. I want to say…listen closely their could be a message in this song!

I got one more for you… you might be the type of person that sings just random tones… and for some reason… that feels freaking amazing to you! This is one of mine I do all the time and in that moment when those tones just flow from my mouth, all my other clairs kind of peek! I can feel the tone, hear it, taste it, smell it, know it!

Just like any muscle you have to practice with it and test it and push it and grow it. The more you tune into it the stronger it will become. You can practice by getting in a meditative state and say a word, anything that pops up, like birds.. and see if you can hear them. You can also focus more in on things you wouldn’t normally focus on , like being out in nature.. listening to the trees dance.. learning their song. The water off in the distance.. or when you’re listening to music try to follow a certain instrument behind those words. Or try asking your guides for a certain message to help you and see what you hear!


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