Your Psychic Gifts: Claircognizance

Claircognizance is your psychic intuition, or clear thinking! Cognizance meaning knowledge… it simply means you just just know things! Sometimes it feels like, “I don’t know how I know…but I know!” It may feel like information just comes in, like downloads, from an unknown source. So basically, claircognizance is that sweet spot where clarity and intuition merges!

Signs you might have the gift of claircognizance:

You seem to just know the facts! Facts about future events, facts about people, about places, circumstances…etc. I’ll give you a few examples, let’s say Your friend introduces you to someone and you just automatically know, like you know, the way this person portrays his or herself is completely false! You just know it, you may not know how you know it, but you do! It’s much like seeing straight through someone to their very core truth. So you’re probably a really great judge of character and can tell if a person is trustworthy! Another example, let’s say you’re traveling your regular path home and you don’t get off on the normal exit from the interstate. You took a detour and then maybe later you find out that their was a pretty bad wreck and a traffic jam around that time.The decisions you make even if they are last minute were the right ones and usually save you from some type of danger. You may have not even realized you were using your claircognizance right then, but take note of moments like this!

You have a sense that something isn’t right about a drawn out path, a place, or people. Sometimes even when others around you might not see anything wrong or realize it, you do! You’ll be the first to say, “Something doesn’t seem right!”

Another sign you might have this gift, you always tend to be in the right place at the right time. Maybe you get this urge to go to a certain place at a certain time, and when you do, something good comes of it. Example being, even though you are worn out from shopping all day, you decide to visit one last store across town, and because you followed that nudge, you ran into someone you hadn’t seen in a very long time and was able to reconnect with that person!

Also, people tend to be attracted to your words of wisdom. So you might find that people come to you a lot for advise or just to help them solve problems. For some with this gift, you may be able to come up with an answer for just about anything!

Another sign is, you are a left brain person, you are logical, analytical, intelligent, and very organized! You may even find yourself sticking to what you like or keeping things in a certain order. I feel like the reason for this is because when things are out of place in your personal space or your life in general, it may confuse you. It’s almost like a subconscious clearing tactic to maintain your clear thinking. We all need a clear channel for our gifts!

You may like to read a good bit, especially if you are learning something new! Maybe you crave knowledge, this excites you! You know, the seekers of the universe! You just want to know exactly how things work, you think beyond the box, there isn’t even a box, you love to connect the dots. Well, you may be claircogizant! I know myself personally, I’m at my best when I’m learning something new! Books are a good way, to get outside of your head, your thinking. If you are claircogizant, you probably a lot of thinking. You might even enjoy writing as well!

Another brilliant thing about the gift of claircognizance is you have light bulb moments where ideas pop up out of nowhere. If you’re anything like me, you will probably shout em out in mid conversation because your so excited.

Another easy sign you have this gift, you say a phrase or the lyrics to a song, and the next thing you know its on the radio. I noticed this one many times on things such as me thinking hmmm where is this thing in the mail, like a bill and the same day it arrived. That may sound small, but you have to take notice of the subtle things too! After all, that is exactly how you will strengthen this “Clair”.

One more tip, if you are wondering how do you tell the difference between just random thoughts or claircognizance, your claircognizance will come as those “light bulb” moments, in a flash, and I swear will have a type of beat to it. You know that saying, “ Marching to the beat of your own drum” well… you will learn -Your Beat!


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