Rubian Heart Energy Healing

I wanted to talk a bit about a “new” healing modality that I have been bringing forth. This healing modality is a mixture of energy healing, balancing the energy centers with tones, healing with vibrational tones, and also light language. I’ve had some downloads of information about this modality since I’ve been exploring more and playing more with it. This is what my spirit team has to say,” This is a realignment of what was, what is, and what will be. The language is universal, a frequency of togetherness, connection, compassion, and above all LOVE. During the session, there is a connection from my oversoul/higher self to your oversoul/higher self.” I thought that was absolutely amazing! I have been having flash backs to a time where in another dimension/realm where we were much more connected to the rate at which each held it’s frequency. The tones were and are felt, not heard. There was transmission between energy’s of true self, pure love, and harmony as one. What I seen was my hands held up against another being, and that’s what I was sensing, the transfer of this beautiful energy. I cannot describe how connected it felt! I also have realized it is a way of communication in my community, my origin…my home…Let’s hop into a bit of background to how this actually came about. I had a new “guide” appear many months ago, whom didn’t feel like a guide and someone else had mentioned that she could be an ancestor. She had been directing me into using more of a healing modality, and to be honest… I kept resisting. I had to work through the fear of doing this! I had a hard time communicating with this new found “guide” so I decided to have my own BQH(hypnosis) session done to see who she is, what she’s here for, and what I need to do. So during the actual session, I felt as though she was a mother healer type. I learned she was the being I had channeled before and the one who told me I would be moving into using my voice as activation for others. She also told me I’d be working with energy healing and the elements! So I left that session, full of more wonder. I said,” Okay, if this is what you want me to do, take me to it. First she lead me the very next day to a podcast where a woman was speaking of soul retrieval with the 5 elements. So I took the class, learned the ritual, and began to incorporate working with the elements every day. During a normal energy healing session I was doing a couple of weeks ago, something happened, all of sudden I began to sing these tones as I was moving through the ladies body. I could feel the vibration of these tones coming out, it was kind of mind blowing. I ended that session and I was just like… what in the world! The next few energy healings I done, I noticed more and more “tones from home” coming through, then something even bigger happened. I began to speak an unknown language. There was such a familiarity to it that I just surrendered to what was to come. I have now done a few different sessions with this modality and each experience has been different. I go through it intuitively and I’ve also noticed that I will go into this trance state to where I will see my “mother healer” move with me almost as if we’re one. That really lead me to a feeling of: WE ARE! I am her, and she is me! I had a flashback to a time where this modality was used for healing and for the children who were coming of age( which appeared to be around 12/13 years old). It was meant to open them up to possibilities in their life, to connect them with their true potential bringing their true self forward, and to see their life path. It felt motivational and inspiring. I feel like that is exactly one part of this healing modality: bringing forth the highest truth in you and activating you. I’ve also learned during a session their are key codes being transmitted. I feel like we all come here with codes, even if they are dormant, they are there waiting to be awakened. So during the session, these codes are transmitted and or activated. I know that everything I’ve experienced in this lifetime, other lifetimes, and other dimensional planes have lead me up to these moments and bringing this Rubian Heart Energy Healing Forward! I don’t have all these answers, and I know more information will come through, but I know there is LOVE in my heart, a high vibrational intention for my motives, and an incredible openness to explore and be in service to others! Moving into the New Earth is going to bring forth a new way of being! New music, new languages, new literature, new art, new ways of connecting, new ways of expanding, new… new… new… connection!


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