Dream Journey: The Subconscious Mind Speaks

The “weighted blanket” hit again today and I just had to take a nap. I woke up and began to write this!

In my dream, I was riding on a motorcycle. There was an urgency in the air and a few other people tagging along on their bikes as well like we were a group. From what I can remember we were in a rush, swooping down the road so much so it was like the blur of the flames and neon lights on the bike were trailing behind.

There was an urgency to get to where we was going, as if we had a plan in place. Within the next scene, I think I no longer wanted to drive. It was a feeling of not knowing where we was headed or how to get there. All of sudden I wasn’t driving… though not in one of those side carts either. It was as if I was being pulled in something.

There were 3 of us on the motorcycle-the driver who was someone I felt was courageous, wise, and confident in who she is and what she is doing. I trusted who was driving, I could feel that and was so completely down for the ride! The other person being a masculine energy who I knew was a part of this group…this plan…this mission!

We pull into this outside amphitheater like place. There were people everywhere and a big stage up front. There was so much noise. I remember feeling the creep in of anxiety in my dream from all the people and thinking how is she going park this thing. The driver so elegantly weaved in and out of people and pulled in this spot that looked as if was made so perfectly for this bike. It was up front, all the way to the left, with the stage being at the right. A tight spot, but just right to be pulled into. I remember the nervousness of being pulled into this spot and thinking, ” I couldn’t had done that the way the driver did!” ( I have a weird “fear” of parking crooked or in tight spots lol)

Anyways, so the guy riding holding onto the driver hops off and begins to walk towards the stage as the group of people that were performing was coming down and maybe taking a break…intermission.

I turn around and a girl, who I felt like was apart of “us” and was strategically placed, was sitting in the crowd, and I whispered to her, ” What is he doing, going up there?” She didn’t hear me so I said it again only louder, “What the F*ck is he doing, going up there?” At the same time, I said it again, the lead guy that had been on stage said, ” I was wondering the same thing hunny but hey, it’s none of my business” with the cutest chuckle and grin.

I could also see in the crowd that was now looking at me, a guy with glasses on, kind of down off his nose, staring right at me. I recognized him to be someone I admired back in school and in that moment I felt like he was the person the other rider had went on stage to find. It was as if he was hiding in the crowd. Now I raised up out of my sleep when I seen him, as if something had been found. I thought,” Is that why I needed a nap” so my subconscious could speak?!

I haven’t had much time to think about the details of this dream, as I just knew there is a message in it and wanted to get it down. So let’s break it down. I feel like the motorcycle in this dream is a power symbol, a symbol of personal power. With it’s fancy flaming artwork and neon lights that was trailing behind as I hurried down the street at first being the pieces I leave behind as I go about my path. My art, my light…trailblazing comes to mind. I knew I …we was on a mission.

I felt like each person represented two messages: that I truly do have a team working with me and also each person in it was a fragment of myself. Parts of myself I can draw from to continue on even through fear, anxiousness, or even the “people staring” parts.

When I felt as if I didn’t know where I was going anymore, I allowed myself to surrender to the ride, being guided by someone who knew the route…knew exactly where to go and what to do. She knew exactly how to weave in and out and in between to get us to where we were supposed to go.

And hey, let’s face it…isn’t life like that sometimes anyways!

We may know exactly where we are supposed to be going but getting there can be a different story sometimes. There can be fears that creep in, anxiety can pop up, challenges, difficulties, and times where we feel lost in our missions. Then there are also times, where we need to just be down for the ride and trusting that we are being guided to exactly the perfect spot we need to be in, Right! Which is exactly what my “team member” did, my guide!

The guy who got off the bike is the fearless part of me, the one that works in silence. The one that faces challenges head on without even thinking…the one that rushes into the crowd with unapologetic strength in his core…the doer! He knew he didn’t belong on stage at that moment but went up anyway to find what was needed.

I feel like the girl in the crowd was another part of my spirit team that has been strategically placed. It had a “I’m watching and I’m here” vibe to it that also showed even though I may not get the answer from her specifically… I will get the answer in another form.

The man walking by… the symbolism of the guy staring at me… those things answered my question of “what is he doing?” He was looking for that other part of me that’s hiding. I feel like because I recognized this guy as someone I admired in school, he is representing a specific archetype or piece of me. This guy was funny, he joked and laughed and made people smile all the time. He was confident, likeable, and kind. He was also a great listener and much deeper than I think even he realized back then. He had an air of mystery about him, which made the people around him want to know more. It’s funny that he was wearing glasses as well, because back in school I let him borrow my sunglasses and he had lost them instead of returning them to me. Ironic… my subconscious is saying, “Hey, the real you isn’t lost… you’re just hiding in the crowd somewhere, just waiting to be found!” and isn’t that just beautiful in itself.

This dream had so much symbolism in it. A beautiful message of sometimes we have to be along for the ride and trust where we are being guided to. There are going to be times when we can take control and steer, be the trailblazer, and there are going to be times we just need to allow/surrender. For the challenges we face are not faced alone, we all have a team working for and with us, you just have to trust in that! No matter what that means for you- it could be your angels, spirit guides, loved ones passed, Mother Mary, God, Goddess’, etc… You have a team! This was the exact message I needed!


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