Remember Who You Are

I’ve been working on a light encoded song which I titled “Remember Who You Are”. I have listened to this song continuously while working on making a longer version for those who have requested it. BTW, coming soon! I was sitting here waiting on the final download to complete, headphones in with my front door open…I found myself in a trance just listening and watching the rain outside. I began to cry… a peaceful cry, a recharging cry, a cry that sang a song of its own.

I watched the rain form symbols on my glass door, symbols that spoke to me, symbols of power and intensity. I recognize these symbols to be light language that speak to me on a soul level. As I looked beyond the symbols into the front yard. I watched my ancestor’s spirits dance in the rain. The movements carrying a vibration of openness that whispered, ” We are here…watch us dance. Feel us dance.” I stepped outside at this point into the rain, with an openness in my own heart. It was beautiful, far more than I could ever describe. More tears fell at this point, as I felt this beckoning of Mother Earth trying to speak. I realized I was weeping for Mother Earth and my lost connection to her. It felt like Earth herself had let out a sigh of relief at my realization because the wind swiftly blew right through me as if it was cleansing the sadness I held. It was a moment of truth, wisdom, a raw connection.

For quite sometime I’ve had the timeline of “Mother Healer” weaving into this timeline, and I had come to understand her as myself. In this moment, I feel this connection stronger than I ever had. I AM… remembering who I am! My true essence, in my fullest power, in all timelines-past, present, future, parallel lives, galactic, planes, and the stars …. I AM MULTIDIMENSIONAL

I just want to say you have a purpose in this life. When you begin to awaken you may feel lost, hopeless, fearful, weary, even angry. Work through those emotions the best you can, be patient with yourself, and always…always remember you are not alone. Allow your heart to open to the possibilities of discovery. Hear the song that pulls you in and speaks to you on a soul level, let it nudge you to right places at the right times, allow your mind to fill with wonder, stare at something longer than you should because in your heart you know it feels familiar, take a trip to the stars during meditation, connect… embrace…seek…feel…experiment…share… LOVE-do whatever you have got to do, just Remember.

I’m sitting here now, wrapping this up, and peered out the door again. It has stopped raining and I thought, ” I too, can help you dry your tears, Mother Earth.”


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