The Puzzle of Life

If you’re anything like me, you want to know it all, experience it all, and understand it all. Learning has been a huge part of my journey. I have this unexplainable yet undeniable craving, this yearning, to understand myself and others in all of our “multi-versions”. My journey of self-discovery began at a very young age. My best friend/sister would say we were, “sitting on a stump” when we were diving deep into the unknown. I still to this day chuckle at that phrase because in my mind… I was literally in a forest…sitting on a tree stump, allowing my consciousness to go play. I understood at that time there would be so many directions, so many paths I could take ultimately leading me to my purpose. Somehow in my heart, I knew I would get on the right path. After years of digging deep, unblocking my subconscious mind, seeking knowledge, placing pieces of my personal puzzle together so that I could one day see the bigger picture… I can say I feel perfectly positioned to see it all, hear it all, experience it all on this crazy journey of mine. Within my exploration of self, I found me. I see me for who I truly am as I broke barriers of what held me back before, I uncovered my uniqueness and brought it forth as passion to help others in their journeys, and I fell in love with myself.

So let’s talk about collecting pieces of your puzzle- maybe you’re like, ” What in the world is that suppose to mean?” Pieces of your puzzle is those deep callings inside of you that keep trying to push you in a certain direction…yes, even if you are being resistant to that! It’s the questions that roll through your mind, the yearning inside to want to walk in your highest personal path, the desire to know your purpose in this life, the hours of research in history because something felt so familiar you couldn’t stop digging. It’s the deja-vu moments that let you know- hey I’ve done this, doing this, simultaneously! It’s the heart pounding dreams that you awake from where you explored the cosmos and all that is. It’s the heart felt connections you have with people in your life and the many lessons they bring forth. It’s the feeling of knowing someone because the truth is… you more than likely have known them before. It’s the curiosity that bubbles forth in your day, like its tickling a nerve!

and… one day… After collecting so many pieces, even if you feel it falls short from being complete… you’re suddenly able to understand the whole. The beauty in the divine plans, the cleverness of the lessons, the irony of coincidences that tend to happen yet weren’t coincidences’ at all, the significance in the signs all around you, all of it. You’ll find yourself feeling grateful for everything as it is. The freedom of self will whisper to you, ” it is your birth right to create the reality you’d like and to experience peace, happiness, and love in all of various shades!” You will realize you have a choice, a path to take, a stepping into, whole heartedly, your personal power. So take your time, collect your pieces… every single jagged, rough edged, part of the plan, perfect when positioned… pieces of your puzzle and see yourself for who you truly are… and the world around you ; )


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