Sacral Chakra

Let’s talk about the Sacral Chakra! The Sacral energy center is the foundation of feelings… it’s your connection with life through your senses. It’s the spark that ignites our inner fires! The desire to connect to people on a deeper level, your drive behind your passions, the flicker of excitement that runs through us when we dance or sing at the top of our lungs or get inspired at 3 am to create something brilliant. It’s the energy that courses through your body as your entwined with the person you love, the electricity you feel when you gaze deep into their eyes,  it’s the taste of the perfect cup of coffee on your tongue, the touch of your favorite sweater… you know the one, the one that really makes you “feel yourself”, it’s the smell of sweet grass and dew in the mornings fresh air.

When your Sacral Chakra is open and balanced you will REALLY feel good about you, comfortable in your own skin, know the importance of self care and self love. In other words… you’ll be a whole lot kinder to yourself! Also, relationships will be simple and easy. The flow of your energy just opens a door for connections with others to flow with ease. Best of all… your emotions will be in check!

What about when your Sacral Chakra is blocked? Some of the things you may see manifesting with a blocked chakra is being stuck in a particular mood. You know, the ones that you just can’t shake off… no matter what you do. When the energy isn’t flowing in this center, you’re being ruled by your emotions. They may be all over the place… rollercoaster ride anyone?! Your fire may be “put out” and you may wind up feeling a bit numb. also, lacking the passion, desire, and excitement in your life. You may feel like that zest is just gone. You may wind up feeling very disconnected from things that normally satisfy you. Everything from pleasure “wink wink” to conversations with a friend to playing your instrument or doing your favorite hobby. Another thing I wanted to touch on when it comes to your Sacral chakra being blocked is having a tendency to self sabotage. This is a big one, at least for me. You could find yourself picking fights in your relationships or blowing that healthy eating pattern.. and even worse, sinking as low as shaming yourself and down talking YOU! Stop that negative self talk, babe! Your Sacral Chakra is rooting for you to be the best version of you!

So how do we fix it? First let’s talk about where this energy center is. The Sacral Chakra is located a few inches below your belly button and it is the color orange.  

One thing that’s very easy and you can do within minutes is to do a tune up on the Sacral. Tuning into your body, to the area below your belly button and if you can see/sense what yours looks like. If not, that’s perfectly fine, just imagine a orange ball of energy in this area. If you can see it, what does it look like? Is the color a vivid orange or a bit cloudy? Is it spinning? Cleanse and clear your Sacral and imagine is growing bigger and brighter. Now get creative and take it for a spin, let that baby roll!

Another thing I like to do to clear out my Sacral Chakra is to clean out all the emotional baggage. Sometimes we hold our emotional garbage here from past relationships or experiences. Check in with yourself and see what you are storing here. Go ahead and get those feelings out on paper. Ask yourself questions like, “ What emotional baggage am I storing here?” “What are things I have negative feelings about?” “What people do I have negative feelings about?”, etc. Use the element of fire to burn this emotional garbage up!

You can using toning, which is my favorite. The tone for the sacral chakra is “OOOO” or use the seed mantra “VAM” Try it out!

Something really fun to do to get the energy flowing in the Sacral is to get in touch with all things pleasurable to you. You can do this mentally but its probably best to write it down. Make a pleasure checklist and then make a commitment to do one pleasurable thing a day.

 Here’s some examples: What is an adventure that would put butterflies in my belly? What is an event coming up that may be out of the box for me, but can invite some excitement in? Who can I connect with that makes me feel good whenever we chill? What is a food or drink that makes my happy? What movies makes me laugh? What is something I’ve always wanted to try? What can I use as an excuse to get all dolled up and fancy? Oh and take a sensual LOVE BATH! Maybe your into crystals… you could throw some stones in your love bath like carnelian, tigers eye, an moonstone. If you like essential oils you can use sandalwood, it has a nice smell to it. I’m not a fan of jasmine, but it is another one you can grab. You can even put essential oils in your bath! Maybe a little rose petals for self love. Make it special and don’t forget the candles!

While you’re in the bath maybe you can listen to my Sacral activation songs or even the Sacral Chakra Songs in my playlist on YouTube.

Some easier things you can do is of course where fire-y colors- orange, reds, yellows. As well as eat some orange foods like sweet potatoes, carrots, peaches, and uhh oranges!

Just remember to trust and enjoy your senses. Be observant of textures around you, sounds you hear, things you taste and smell. Take note of what is pleasant to you and you will be on the way to opening the Sacral Chakra in no time!


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