Protective Energy Sheild Experience

I just wanted to take a moment and journal about an experience I had yesterday and bring forth a very basic practice that is so very important… Your ENERGY SHEILD! This is a very helpful practice for those that are tuned into energies and tend to pick them up. When this happens, it can be downright confusing, leaving you frustrated because you might not even realize how you are feeling…is not even yours! Hello, empaths!

Yesterday morning, I was left to myself to get some work done. Great morning, busy morning, flowing morning, feeling good that I’m on a roll getting stuff checked off type morning. I was singing and just all out in my feel-good mojo and flow! I had someone stop by that I had been working with on some shadow work. The last session we had left off discovering a major block and I had given her some “homework” to do. Well, in she comes, and all of a sudden, my energy shifted very quickly! I was filled with so many different emotions I could not even make sense of what I was feeling. My mind was in angry mode, my heart wanted to cry, my body ached and longed for stillness. I tried to push through until finally I said we would have to continue later. I asked for a bit of time to sort through what was taking place because at that point, I couldn’t stop crying. It was so strange. The tears just rolled as I had this energy moving back in forth from the heart space to the throat chakra that physically hurt! It felt like a volcano was getting ready to erupt. I thought I might need to take some time and do some inner work myself before I could continue with her… or … honestly, I just needed that space to figure out what was taking place because I was so very confused! She leaves and it was as if something lifted. I could breathe and oh boy, did I. The suffocation of the “volcano” was lifted, and I sucked in a very deep breath and let out the strangest cry I had ever heard. I was back to MY energy. I could think, breath, and feel… I realized in that moment I had absorbed her energy in a way I had never done before. Not only that, when she later returned, I began to tell her what I think had happened, and all of sudden I began to cry again. This time being more prepared, I shared with her that something is wanting to come up, something that is still blocked is trying to surface, and that it is almost as if it is wanting to feel and speak through me. I feel like at that point, I allowed what needed to be done. Out of nowhere I began to talk about an image of a child that was locked in a room, that never had the chance to experience things. Day in and day out, she went through the same routine. 6am, door opens to deliver breakfast, sit and think, 11am the door opens to receive lunch, and so forth. I said imagine being a child… and that is all this child has ever known, just the inside of these 4 walls. She doesn’t know what fun is, she’s never seen the brilliance of the sunlight, she’s never felt the coolness and refreshing energy of the rain, never had a toy to play with, doesn’t know how to put a word to angry. Just imagine how that child would feel! In that moment, I began to allow this inner child/shadow self of this woman to speak through me. This little part of her said, “how dare you shine a light on me and then just slam the door!” (The light she was speaking of is our session the previous time, the client didn’t want to move through that at the time, so I can see how this inner her thought as if the door was being shut on her again) This person was able to talk to her shadow self through me and began to understand where this was created at, how easily it was for her to go numb when she felt something she didn’t want to feel, how easily it was for her to shut the door. She then understood that this little inner her, this shadow part, had been running the show for quite some time. It was by far the strangest experience I had ever had, and though I think maybe it couldn’t had surfaced in any other way because the client was so comfortably numb and used to shutting the door it might not had ever seen the light again and been resolved, I still would have preferred to have been more prepared or the whole experience not been so extreme!

Now I had been having synchronicities show up to remind me of the importance of your protective energy shield and just maybe I needed to experience this as that big reminder! My guides messages came through saying that this was “the shaman’s way” and showed me a new way of creating a protective bubble. I feel it has a lot to do with the collective energy acceleration as well. Maybe we all will be experiencing things in a new way, so I wanted to share the creating as I was told. Now typically, though I had fell off from practicing the energetic shield, I would have worked with divine light and brought it down through my body and expanded it outwards kind of encapsulating me in it… like a bubble! This way I was shown to see a star right below the heart chakra

I suspect it has something to do with the star chakra connection with the heart. I was told to imagine that star within, and with each breath in allow it to grow bigger. With each exhale I felt a pulsing sensation within this star. I continued until the whole star covered my whole being and pushed it further out. I felt very grounded with the star point at the bottom that were pushed out past my physical feet, as if the star anchored me to mother earth. The point at the top, that was pushed out, felt like it had been anchored to the divine source light energy. I know one thing; I will definitely start making this a daily practice!


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