The Perfect Energy for Shadow Work

I can feel it in my bones… the supportive energy forming a comfy cushion around the physical body as if to say I’ll catch you if you fall, the waves of energy that are trying to penetrate each and every one of us to wash away all that was, the sparks of energy that are beckoning us to cease the moment and create something magical, the powerful- forceful energy that is pushing us to exactly where we need to be, and the subtle shifts in the energy as if were peeling back an opening for all to take a peek inside to see what’s next or what could be!

You are being supported in every way possible to create your ultimate way of life. If there is a mountain in the way, you have the ability to clear a path, or move the damn mountain if you’d prefer. There is nothing stopping you, but you! The real question we need to start asking ourselves is, why am I standing in the way of the things I desire?

We can totally get in the way of our own happiness! It’s like unintentionally having a superpower blocker force that slaps every attempt away.

Just Kidding…

but it’s the vision I was seeing. It’s time to get out of the way and stop blocking what is meant for us. What is that…getting out of the way… going to look like? Maybe it starts with simplicity- being present with the now. Yes, that means no worrying about what you are going to, will be, or have to do! It means easing into the knowing that


Maybe it looks like deep inner work that brings up profound self-realizations. Like finding a very limited belief imbedded in you that you are only worthy of abundance if everything is perfect and exactly in order before that can happen. It could be you discovering you had been blocking a fulfilling relationship all along because you stored an emotion from a terrible experience when you were 9 inside your heart and that wounded inner part of you had been sabotaging things all along because you were scared to be- too happy! Maybe this deep inner work reveals an unresolved emotion inside that started as just a shrivel of fear and years later is like an emotional tornado that comes out of nowhere and the little-inner you has to run and take cover.

Emotional Tornado

What got you this far… is not going to be what it takes to get you to where you are going!

This energy whispers to me, ” there are things that will need to be let go of in order to bring in the new… here, let me support you, cleanse you, inspire you, guide you, and show you the possibilities. ”

Now… literally is the perfect time to be doing shadow work! The inner work that allows you to see YOU… ALL OF YOU! Exploring within opens doors to the unexpected. It allows you to take a sledgehammer and smash through those limiting beliefs, busting through your subconscious blocks, and to truly see why it is that you’ve been standing in the way of your own desires! It expands your love for yourself and as you nurture every part of your inner child and learn what forgiveness feels like. Let’s face it, we all could use so much more of that- love and forgiveness!

I also get the sense that the universe is holding that space, that energy for all of us to do this work individually, as we prepare for what is to take place all over the world. What feels to be massive collective shadow work sessions; things coming to the surface, to the light, full transparency… to be healed and rebirthed. It’s going to be a much easier process if the individual work is at the very least …started. Your ability to recognize every piece of you (the light and the dark) as a piece of another, and that we are all a piece of the divine:


is going to be all the tools we need to create the NEW! What an exciting time to be here!

Not sure how to get started with shadow work? I offer one on one shadow work sessions, where we will take a deep dive within you to understand, release, and create! Open up to this beautiful supportive energy!


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