Are You Paying Attention to your Spirit Guides?

Your spirit guides are consistently sending you messages. The big question is… Are you paying attention? There are signs all around and you are never alone!

From the moment you made your journey through the birth canal, you’ve had a friend! Though you may have never seen this being… or heard this being… they are with you. They, being your spirit guides!


Your spirit guides lovingly guide you through your life

I call “them” guides, my spirit team. Though, there is much debate on how many you actually have. You do have the main guide that is with you through your entire life.

In my personal experience, I have what I know as my “original” guide. A few other spirit guides that have come and gone. It just depends upon my needs and possibly what stage of life I was in.

Speaking of spirit guides; As I sat here, contemplating, waiting for the next words to come, and also beginning to question why in the world did I start writing about this. There are probably thousands of other blog posts about spirit guides.

My guide pops in and says very clearly, ” You are following your heart, don’t block that!” What a beautiful reminder… so I will lead with my heart and allow these words to fall into place.

Spirit guide image with light wings

The first time I remember my guide showing up was when I was around 6. My parents worked pretty much all the time and on opposite shifts. When one was gone, the other was asleep. I had to entertain myself which usually consisted of me coloring. Fabulous sky pictures with all the pinks, purples, blues, and golds was my jam. Ah, the cotton candy-colored skies!

I remember my dad was asleep on the couch. I sat in the floor coloring, and someone began to knock on the door. The knock actually scared me, little 6-year-old me, not knowing what to do or who it was.

I saw a faint ball of light out of the corner of my eye

and it brought with it such comfort and peace that I moved towards it. I followed what felt like a feeling at that point. As the light had disappeared leaving behind this sensation of warmth.

I was now in my room at this point, and looking back now, it was if everything was brighter. Toys were catching my eye that probably hadn’t had my attention for months. So, there I stayed and played. I was no longer scared or even the bit least worried about who had come a knocking.

I’m not sure how much time had passed. When I did finally go back into the living room area where my dad had been asleep, he was gone. There’s no telling what my guide had got me out of the way of… even if it was just seeing something I shouldn’t had. Now of course, I didn’t understand it to be a spirit guide either at the time.

I have had somewhat of a relationship with my guides for most of my life. Even when I didn’t understand what or who it was. I know that is not the case for everyone. I have heard numerous clients ask, “how do I connect with my guides?” There isn’t just one way to do that.

For some, we do a BQH session, and they experience meeting them. For others, the guide will connect with me to bring forth messages. Sometimes it is just as simple as an intention set, interactive meditation.

All will be revealed, at the right time, and in the right way

For others… I get this feeling that maybe it isn’t time. From personal experience we can say we are ready for certain things, but within… there is still resistance held somewhere. I feel the last thing a guide would want to do is to frighten you. If you aren’t ready, you aren’t ready.

The other thing I feel is that maybe in your “grander plan”, you chose this set up. For your guide/s to keep a distance and to subtly guide.

Your exploration of the beyond and your desire to find out, actually helps you grow

However you experience it, I feel that it is exactly the way it is meant to be for you. It works out for your personal experience and growth. You know what, that’s totally okay!

The important thing is when allowing your guides to actually… guide, is to open yourself up to that allowing. There are many times we get so stuck in our ways. We go in the wrong direction and questioning why things aren’t working out as we planned. It’s as if trying to paddle up stream when all along all we had to do was surrender, allow, and flow downstream!

Angel Numbers from Spirit

As your guide, they will offer up so many signs. It is up to us to pay attention! Signs from my guides have come in the form of angel numbers. Numbers like 222, 777, and of course my personal favorite 32! Of course, if you are seeing these numbers, you more than likely want to know what in the world they mean.

The best way I have found to understand specific numbers is to keep a journal. Write down the number at the top of the page. Every time you notice that number, jot down what is taking place at that time and how you are feeling. You may begin to notice a pattern. This will help you to understand what they mean to you!

Another big one for me is a body indicator. Anything from chills to pressure in my head to an inner vibration. The pressure sensation in a certain spot can show me that there are attempts from my guides to be heard.

Pay close attention to your body as it is a navigation system in itself. Your guides may be like mine and love to “press you“! A tip on this is to be conscious of what is already present. Waking up in the morning… stiff back, check. Later in the day… quick jab in the side- tune in, it could be a message from spirit!

Tune into your spirit guides

Signs can come in dreams, music, random conversation (maybe even with an earth angel). They can come in feelings, energy fluctuations, even while scrolling social media!

My signs like to link together, so to speak. I might see it or hear it; I might even dig into it a bit which will have another bread crumb in there. Which will be a sign for something I’m going to need down the road. I think one of my guides is a big pre-planner, ha!

Here’s an example, I was in the bath one day and an image of a bear formed in my mind. I didn’t think too much of it at the time. Then when I got out and went on about my day, I happened to be scrolling Facebook. On this post was a video of a mama bear and her cubs trying to cross a highway locally. Yea, it kind of got my attention, but not quite.

For almost 2 weeks I kept receiving synchronicities about bears. I even seen an old “Smokey the bear” billboard that I had never seen before. This area is familiar as I travel it all the time. I couldn’t not pay attention to it by this point.

If your guides are anything like mine, they will gently whisper… softly tap… then bu, bu, bunnn PUSH! All along it was a guide, an animal guide, getting my attention to relay a message of his presence. I would be needing the “traits” for an experience that was to come… Oh, divine plans!

brown bear with vivid colors

Your spirit guides are constantly communicating

I’ve noticed when I am not paying attention to the messages, the message or pattern will continue to repeat! Let’s say that I was driving somewhere, and I suddenly had this urge to go to this store. A store I had never been to. My logical mind shuts down that message or feeling and says,” I’ve got this, this, and this to do!” So, I continue on my way not giving it anymore thought.

Later that day, as I’m in a casual conversation with a friend, she mentions this particular store. (She may even go as far to say that she doesn’t know why that came up!) Still at this point, I’m not thinking much about it. I sat back to watch a bit of T.V and an ad pops up talking about this particular store. Maybe after that, a second person mentions this store. Then you have a dream about being in a store you’ve never been to!

Here’s your sign!

You’ll never know what your guide was trying to lead you to if you’re not paying attention! It may had been, my guide was leading me to the cashier that has a like mind. I would have made an incredible friend. Perhaps this person had something to teach me that was needed for my growth!

I also wanted to bring forth a message about not putting our guides in a “box”.

Guides come in all kinds of ways such as animals, angels, or light beings, Gods, Goddess’, ascended masters, star beings, and ancestors. No boxes, no limits!

Now that statement in itself may be meant as a trigger… a bread crumb! So, I would say if you stopped reading for a moment and felt a sensation. I would urge you to feel deeper into that.

I have learned that these

synchronicities we get will lead you SOMEWHERE if you’ll follow them.

Afterall, isn’t that what a spirit guide is here for. T

o guide us, support us, to help us evolve and grow. They show up, even show out sometimes, and are always there. Are you paying attention?

Light Language art
Connecting To

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