The Shift from Old to New

The shift from old to new…ah…How can we expect to shift into the “new earth” if we cannot shift from our personal “old” to “new”?! In deep conversation with a friend, I began to channel this powerful message. Moving from the old ways into the new ways of our world was the focus of the convo. We spoke of dreams, goals, and plans moving forward from what we have known in the 3d realm.

With talks of new ways of living and experiencing this life. Communities and supportive beings that express love for one another in ways we know are possible. The children, our children’s children, a conscious way of “raising” them. The coming together of tribes and soul groups!

The Shift into 5D State of Mind

We were speaking on things such as stepping outside of that way of trying to “wake” people up. I get the feeling that as of the end of 2021, if others weren’t awakened by then, they have made their choice. There are far too many things within the past few years that happened to awaken many. The days of lightworkers burning themselves out to share information… is no longer needed. Dust it off, move forward!

Shifting from the old to the new

As the great saying goes, ” Out with the old, in with the new!” This is true for shifting individually which ripples out collectively. We are unplugging from old frequencies that do not align with this elevation in humanity and the universe!

It starts on an individual scale. The tremendous amount of work that many have put into themselves during the rise of this energy has opened a personal gateway of allowing. Allowing yourself to rise in vibration as your higher self descends to merge with the whole you.

This is a coming into wholeness

The work is done, we are simply housekeeping now. With that housekeeping is a requirement, so to speak, to unplug from the old frequencies such as anger, hopelessness, and powerlessness. The collapse of the old demands this (for lack of better words). Demands! Of course, you have the beautiful justification of freewill to choose not to do so, but with that, you have no idea what you will miss out on.

Spring Cleaning Style?! Old to Invite the New

Do a thorough “spring clean” with your body and environment. I was asked to throw out any item of clothing that I had not worn in the past 30 days. Though, it was hard, I followed that. As I held the last piece of clothing, a cute little polka dot, baby blue dress (a dress I had worn 5 years ago when I announced the pregnancy of my second daughter) I began to cry. I said to myself, ” No, no… as much as I love this dress and the memories that are attached to it, I am opening and allowing for new love, new memories, and new experiences- in new ways!” as I tossed that dress out the closet door.

I did not stop there, as I have been through both of my daughter’s rooms and all through the house. OUT WITH THE OLD! Of course, this was not long after I went deep into some of the most profound inner work/shadow work I could had ever done. I’ve never been prouder to say,” I’m more me, than I’ve ever been in this timeline. More and more I am allowing the merging with ALL that I am!”

The Absolute, Infinite Beauty of The Shift

The collapse of what we have been programmed to believe, starts internally as well, before it ripples out collectively. “Own and harness your power, you are leaders of revolution like no other. The freeing of humanity, the freeing of the ego mind, and being free from death itself. You are infinite! Know the power within and the power of who you truly are!

light language art, shift from the old to new, tap into the power of you
The power of YOU

Transformative Frequency to Assist the Shift

Afterall, transforming is what we have been doing all along. The inner work, the healing, the unplugging, the observing, the eye opening, the speaking our truth; transformative frequency. A transformative frequency to assist in the transition/shift from the old to the new!

It’s okay to let go. It is okay!


There is a wave of energy moving in that is going to be comfortable in a sense, at least, comfortable enough for the allowing. A great disservice to yourself it would be to hold onto the ANYTHING at this time that does not serve you. Old heartaches and pains. Toxic relationships, material items, bad habits, and limited beliefs. Pointed fingers and mirror reflections as if you missed the memo that what you see in others is within you! Love every part of you into wholeness.

There is a choice, choose ONENESS. Choose THE ALL.

Create, Creator… it is time!


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