Peace Frequency

The frequency of peace is amplified with possibility and energy right now. I get the sense that this particular frequency is so prominent right now because the majority has chosen it. The majority has said, ” We want peace!” through the twist and turns in their personal experience and even the world events.

Are you having a tough time plugging into this frequency?

Peace Frequency

Take a moment to feel into that frequency, pull it close to you. This is a frequency that is going to benefit yourself and the collective. The above transmission can help facilitate “‘plugging into” this peace frequency. As well as helping to transmute “negative” emotions.

Flow in it, rest in it, and get ready!

This is something new, I am feeling that was collectively created… a new band. There are so many that want this new earth, new way, and new being that it has brought forth a way to do so. Peace is the band before the ALL. A band that gives you the opportunity to release the past from a new perspective. It allows you to sit with what may come up for you so that once and for all it can be transmuted. This is the band wave of flow, instead of fighting against. It is a resting place to prepare you for all the excitement to come!

We must be in the flow with peace

Many of you have, are, and will unplug from an anger frequency that has kept you stuck. Your 3d bodies are taking a beating with the energies and many times you may feel lost in the anger. Frustration of the not knowing… which is making it quite complicated to hop off the anger frequency. For many that band is still serving a purpose, but not for much longer as it is beginning to collapse. More and more, people far and wide are saying, “No more!”

Flow in the Peace Frequency

You will not want to stay on this band of frequency, just long enough to gather your footing. It is solid ground for you see and feel what your flow is. It is a sweet spot to be in, as it will allow for one to find peace without as well as within. A soft-landing blanket as well for those that will need it in the weeks to come. Stay tuned!

There will be a choice for many right now, with a portal opening tomorrow to assist with transmuting energy so that this peace frequency becomes more available for those choosing it, along with other higher frequencies! Exciting times!

Transmutation Lightworkers for Peace

I also want to add, for some, you may feel that a lower density frequency is best for you at this time. You may not understand why that is but let me offer up this. You may be called to stay tuned into a specific frequency to better understand others that are on it. The others may come to you asking for assistance, and you will better be prepared to assist them.

Others may stick behind in the lower frequencies to collapse them, transmute them, and build a new! This is a hard task in itself, but you are more than capable of completing this, dark Warrior! If it becomes too much, and sometimes it will, plug into PEACE. Rest, release, and flow… and when you’re ready, get back to it!


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