Mother Jaguar Energy

Mother Jaguar, gatekeeper of all things unknown, encourages us to tap into our personal power and to recognize our strengths. The unknown can be a catalyst for releasing fears and fear can be a motivator!

jaguar light language

Move into the unknown truths of You, fearlessly!

This light language encoded art amplifies the power of Mother Jaguar and can work with you in so many ways. Jaguar can help you to face yourself as you breath in the energy. Go within yourself, into your unknown. Also known as shadow work, have an open dialogue with the inner you. What is it that you are afraid of? What is it that is holding you back? Where are you holding onto fear within your body?

Mother Jaguar lends you true sight, the ability to see in the dark. See clearly into your unconscious, learn, integrate, and grow! Your personal power takes on a whole new meaning when you are able to face self!

Lick your wounds, let out a growl, and move forward!

Mother Jaguar can show up as a reminder that you are not stuck! Your emotions may be… but you, no! Use this LL art above to clear trapped emotions. It is time to release. As a keeper of the West, jaguar can cleanse the emotional energy with the power of water.

Just as a mother, Jaguar is protective and nurturing. She can hold the space for you to release what needs to be. In other words, if you look at this LL transmission, and feel you need to cry… let it all out with no reservations!

Mother Jaguar considered a herald for rebirth

As you move past fears and challenges within self, you will also find it easier to courageously face fears outside of self. As within, so without! There are many things we desire to do yet cannot muster up the confidence to do so out of fear: Fear of judgement and rejection from society, friends, and family.

With the power of Mother Jaguar, you are transitioning more into your authentic self as you work with this energy. Bold, confident, and freely choosing to be YOU! Acknowledge the wonderful innate power you have, the strength of your character, and freely choose that in every way! As you step through the gateway of the unknown, face fears, you will realize who you truly are! Fears fall away, choices become easier, and suddenly you’re outside the bounds of your comfort zone soaking up all that life has to offer. This is the rebirth… the spiritual journey… the path of the brave, the fearless, and the gracefully resilient!

Fear no longer comes before the unknown, rather than excitement for what’s to come!


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