Different Types of Dreams

I believe I experienced all the different types of dreams this past night! The energy has been rolling in strong and the dream world has been intense… at least for me! It was an all-night ordeal. Dream, wake up, utter a few words that went something like “What the uhhh!”, go back to sleep, dream, wake up, and again. The cycle continued!

There were some dreams even I did not want to sit down and decode. It got me to thinking about the different types of dreams we have. I typically LOVE interpreting dreams. Breaking them down and seeing the symbolism and message within them. Though, I know some of my dreams this night were me viewing other timelines, dimensions, and parallel lives.

Different Types of Dreams

Alot of dreams are coming from the Subconscious Mind, you know that part that will run the show from behind the scenes! It records everything and loves to use those things in dreams to get a point across. Subconscious dreams are ones I love to break down the symbolism in.

It will use certain things to communicate in certain ways with feelings, impressions, emotions, sensations, and stimuli. Let’s say that you have an extreme fear of snakes. Your subconscious mind has recorded that fact the first time you jumped at the sight of one. It may use that to express your fears within a dream. Colors, smells, songs, people, archetypes, places, and animals are just some of the things this part of your mind will use.

The Subconscious Mind Dreams

Let’s say that in your dream there was a snake circling you in green water. You could break down these specific things as snakes are your fears. The circle could potentially be a cycle in your life you are repeating. The color green could represent money and the water could represent emotions. This could boil down to a message of getting in control of your repressed feelings and fears about money. Not wanting to make the same mistakes over and over can be trapping you in a sense by this fear!

This is just an example, what I would really ask you to do is to ask yourself what snakes represent to me? As well as the other things… like how does the color green make you feel?

I feel like a good indicator that your dream is a subconscious dream message is you go in and out of parts. You may be in the water then fast forwarded to a house. Subconscious dreams can have alot of emotion in them as well!

Lucid Dreams

I happen to like the fact that during Lucid Dreams you can have control of what you’re experiencing. It is simply a conscious dream! The easiest way I have noticed I can get myself into a lucid dream state is simply by waking up and going back to sleep with the mind “awake”. Which is perfect for the next dream I really wanted to bring forth. (There are tons of articles you can hop onto to learn much more about lucid dreaming.)

Parallel Life Dreams: A different type of dream

Now to be able to understand this one… just open your mind a bit. My theory among many others is that time is not linear. The past, present, future, and our other “choices” are happening right now as you are reading this. Those other choices are parallel lives. For every choice you make there are splits in reality in a sense. You chose yes, but the other choice happens as well.

My personal example, the parallel life I was seeing in its total experience, was that version of me that chose to stay with my ex-husband. I felt as though I was in this dream for hours, seeing and feeling everything, yet nonattached at the same time. If that makes sense! I looked a bit different, lived at a different address, my things in the bedroom were familiar, and there were people I have never met that knew me very well.

I got to see what things on the other end of my choice would have been like… poor other me. The good thing is, I woke up the moment she walked out of that house with the intentions to shut the door on that relationship just as I had done years ago.

The strangest thing…

(Fascinating side note) The strange thing along with me waking up to her shutting the door on that experience is at the same time there was a loud gang of birds screeching outside. The closer I got to my back door, the louder it was. I stepped outside to look and there were hundreds of black birds surrounding the perimeter of my home. Just mine… not the neighbors, not over the hill… just perched up in all the trees across my land.

I had never seen or heard anything like it. It was very intense and very loud! As soon as I stepped back inside, they went on their way. I feel as though they came to help collapse that timeline… that parallel life in some way. As I have been called before to work with a bird’s energy with portals… this would make sense to me!

ALL parts of us are merging and just maybe that’s happening during dreams

With that being said, there’s no doubt in my mind that dreams like this are the merging of the whole of who we are! Those other parts of us, whether it be past life or parallel, are merging into one. It will not surprise me at all if others start experiencing this much more frequently. I would say pay attention… but I just feel these are dreams that won’t be ignored!

Playing in the Astrals

Another big thing for me in the dream state is getting to play in the astrals! Other dimensions, planes, and different realms come to mind when I think of the astrals! You may have heard of the term Starseed before. Many Starseeds are here on earth at this time fulfilling missions. They may have duties to attend to while this physical body rests.

In these dreams you may visit other planets like your “home”. You may also be collaborating with other higher dimensional beings. Speaking with councils and spirit guides are a thing as well!

If you have ever had a night to where you feel like someone has been talking to you all night long… this may be a good indicator you’ve been in the astrals playing! You’ll wake up with knowledge and know the communication was very important. I’ve had a many of those nights.

Most of the time these dreams are very clear, but other times, my physical body feels as though it was hit my an 18-wheeler! So pay attention to your body, was you super busy the night before?

Other Types of Dreams

I’m sure there are many more different types of dreams I could write about but in my personal experience these seem to be at the top of the list. I’ll name a few more in case you’d like to look into them. You might have spirit guided or angel dreams bringing you messages. You may be visited by a power animal to also bring a message for your path ahead.

Another thing I wanted to mention was Astral Projection. I feel as though Astral Projection itself is a bit different from playing in the astrals. My daughter began astral projecting when she was around 7 years old. I can’t speak to much on it because it has never happened “naturally” for me. To my understanding, most set an intention to astral project. Whereas others, usually children, it happens to them and is quite frightening.

From what I have experience and heard, this is a projection of spirit, an out of body experience. Think flying over your own body and looking at it. Traveling over the seas to another location and also setting a specific location to view something. I think it was worth mentioning with dreams though as it does require a certain state of sleep to be in!

What kinds of dreams do you typically have?

light language messages for dreams
Messages Light Language Encoded Art

If you have been missing the messages in your different types of dreams, try this encoded art to help bring forth those messages. I created this the morning after the night long of dreams and many answers came forth for me! Use it before sleep, just take a few moments and look at it, set an intention that all the answers will come, and drift off!


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