Healing Frequency

We are healing together on levels like never before! The healing frequency I’m seeing connect energetically is absolutely beautiful. Mother Earth is healing, we are healing… and the energetic connections are firing up the more we stand into the understanding of Oneness!

light language transmission of healing frequency
Light Language Healing Frequency around Mother Earth

A Healing Wave

A wave of healing frequency is moving through. With this, you are asked to heal in ways that you may not had even thought of. Those deep inner parts of you are coming to the surface for one final energetic cleanse. Allow whatever may come up for you. Whatever that may look like for you. After the purge is over see the beauty in the lessons YOU taught YOU as that experience/person.

You may find yourself being triggered with much more intensity through this phase as well. The people in your life (the You’s) are working extra hard at the moment to show you what is unknown. Your actions, your way of thinking, etc are going to be very clear if you will tune into the trigger. Try to see it as a means to upgrade… to improve… to step into your greatest potential!

What you see in others, is a reflection of what you see in yourself (or have seen within yourself!)

Mirroring the healing frequency!

This healing wave frequency present is allowing many to see deeper meanings in many of the experiences. All we have to do is… open up to seeing it!

As YOU heal, YOU heal

Think about that for a moment. As you heal, you open up gateways for others to heal. We are all in this together! We are ONE and energetically connected in the 3D realm. The healing frequency is revealing Oneness in a way that is going to elevate our consciousness.

Healing Frequency blanketing Mother Earth

On with the concept of “We are ALL one”… we are also one with the trees, the birds, the flowers, the waters, all of mother earth. Therefore, as we go through this healing purge, Mother Earth will as well! That in itself can look like a vast number of things which we are already seeing many!

Mother Earth is working for us as well! It’s just the same, as she purges and heals, she opens gateways for us to do the same. Get connected to what she can do for you!

This energy is vibrant and strong- so are YOU, for you are this wave!


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