Transformation 32: Elisa’s Healing

Elisa is healing. Elisa is committed to her healing. Elisa is committed to allowing for her healing. At 39 years old and about 2 months away from her big 40th birthday, she contacted me to see if I could help.

We sat together in the zoom call together, getting a feel for each other, and discussing what was going on in her life. At one point, she inhaled and all of her feelings that had been stuffed down began to surface. First, that is a relief to anyone! Second, it lets me know she is ready to allow. Third, she had a desire to heal.

Elisa was ready for a transformation!

Unpacking Emotions

She felt as though her life had passed her by, as if she had been on autopilot the whole time. She couldn’t remember the last time she smiled, much less, laughed. Elisa mentioned she was very strict with everything in her life from her schedule to her diet. Restrictive was the vibe she held in her life and how she went about her day.

She had been single for the last 12 years and had one child that was out of the home. Well into the conversation she mentioned she had a desire for a connection, to find a partner, to experience and feel love. Yet she wasn’t even sure she would be able to free any of her time up to even try for a relationship.

Elisa’s biggest complaint was she felt so many things, that she wasn’t even sure how to feel anymore. The word she used to best describe her experience was numb. She felt numb…

The Beginning of Healing

After the free consultation I knew I could help Elisa, so I took her as a client into the 32 You De-program. She was committed and ready, and I had a desire to assist Elisa in her healing so she could experience life the way it was meant to be experienced- full of happiness!

On the first day, I wanted to get right into the subconscious mind where all her memories of the soul are recorded. We did a Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis to explore the subconscious. Even though she had unpacked so much just in the initial consultation, sometimes in this relaxed state it is much easier to bring forth even more.

BQH Session

In Elisa’s, BQH session she was confronted with a huge block of programming from a past life that she had brought into this life. In this past life, she experienced the heartbreak and disappointment of her mother towards her. She was carefree and lively… a dreamer of sorts. Her mother was very strict and wanted her to be and do what she wanted.

Money, business, and marrying the “right” wealthy partner was of the utmost importance to her mother. Yet Elisa, who was Sarah, in this life had other plans with her life. She was wonderful with her hands, spinning and weaving beautiful cloths and fabrics, and even creating dresses for herself. Sarah had no desire whatsoever to live a life tied into business and money.

Simply put, she wanted to be free of the restrictiveness of her mother. The mother also had the ideal partner in mind for Sarah. A wealthy man that was 18 years older than Sarah that would have greatly benefitted the family and their business. Yet, Sarah had her heart set on someone else. Elliot had her heart and believed in her craft.

She followed her heart

Sarah freed herself from her family and married Elliot. Her mother was furious with her. In the last scene Elisa experienced, she had gone to visit her mother one month after her marriage to Elliot. The mother talked horribly to Sarah, spitting out words to portray her disappointment. Sarah left feeling completely broken inside.

It was the last time she was able to see her mother as she got word that her mother had passed away 2 days after her return home. This was devastating to this Elisa. As Sarah’s spirit crossed over, we spoke of the experience and how it has come into this lifetime. She held onto the guilt of making her own choices and following her happiness even mentioning it was her fought that her mother passed.

Along with the guilt, there was resentment for not being able to repair the relationship with her mother. Her subconscious had recorded this and her soul came into this life to make up for it all. In her eyes, she had to find a way to forgive herself.

When speaking to the higher self of Elisa, she learned that she had set this life up this way but she could rewrite the contract if she chose to do so. Elisa understood now that every choice she had made was because of that past life. She could see she didn’t “kill” the mother, that she did right by following her heart, and that her real lesson now was to live out that desire to be happy. She released the contract she came in with.

The Shadow Work

Some truly profound findings had already come out during our first session. Now was time to do some deeper digging into Elisa and begin to release more and heal.

We chose to do some deep inner work, shadow work, to discover anything in the unconscious part of the mind. This de-program is all about transformation, so I don’t want to leave no shadow in the dark!

Shine the light on the shadows

We began with the biggest feeling she had brought forth, which was feeling numb. I began to dig deep into the unconscious about why she was feeling numb. We discovered that Elisa was feeling numb as a protection mechanism. She was feeling as though her life was almost over (turning 40) and that she had not completed her mission here at this time.

Feeling numb was better than the lingering guilt or disappointment. Numb was a substitute. If she continued to throw herself into her restricted schedule, work, and operate from a place of feeling nothing, then she wouldn’t create more destructive feelings.

She was lost on how to let go of the hurt, guilt, shame, and how to move on and find joy. With the realization that numb was no longer an option, and the drive to work through all of these emotions, we began to have breakthrough after breakthrough!

Important Discoveries

Discovering she had self- sabotaged her prior relationship as well as the relationship with her child, she did not want to be the version of “the mother” that she was carrying the guilt for. Her child had left her home early for many of the same reasons she had left her mother’s home in her past life. Ultimately, Elisa was “acting” like that mother in the past life.

Being released of the contract, as well as bringing forth important memories that was running the show from the unconscious, Elisa set out to make amends with her child. She knew this would require honesty and openness to hearing what she had done. Much forgiveness was about to begin to roll out for the highest good of ALL in her life!

It was time for her to forgive herself, but before she could, she had to forgive the mother in that past life. She had a difficult time doing this because “the program” wanted to make her believe it was her fault. We went a bit deeper and found a root to this actual belief! When we pulled that root out, forgiveness took place in an amazing way!

I performed a healing session as she began to release the guilt that had been placed upon her. It was an intense session, as I could feel all the pain Elisa was releasing. I got to say though, there is something truly beautiful about healing.

Something truly beautiful about healing

There are some things not mentioned here, as she did not want everything shared (I respect that), however I’ll share this last bit. The last session of the de-program was very heartwarming. As I looked into the eyes of Elisa that had been filled with despair and tears, they now sparkled with life. She wore a calming vibration and a gentle smile on her face. I could feel her openness to the possibilities of what life can be like now!

It was if her soul itself was thanking me for the help through the weeks with every smile. Elisa is healing. Elisa is committed to her healing and happiness. Elisa is committed to allowing for her healing and happiness.

Just imagine what Elisa’s 40th Birthday was like now!!!

P.S. “Elisa” if you read this, thank you. Thank you for giving your all, for being committed to YOU! I’ll be checking in with you from time to time to hear all about the love that is filling your life!

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