Consciously Creating

There is an extra metaphysical layer to this reality where your words, thoughts, and choices actually matter. Are you taking into account how you are creating? Is it from a conscious state or an unconscious state? How do you even go about figuring out the answer to that?!

Consciously Create: Is this true?

One easy way to assure you are using the power of your thoughts and words in a conscious way to create that which you are desiring, is to simply ask: Is this true? Think about the number of times you think “Oh, I could never do that” or ” I am too ____”. These thoughts or phrases are coming from the unconscious. It could be as simple as a limited belief that you are holding onto and when it comes down to the very moment of stepping into your personal power, that limited belief steps up and begins to run the show! Asking if that thought was true releases the idea or hold that the actual limited belief has on you!

Power within You

As you begin to acknowledge the unconscious, you in turn are healing parts of yourself. Its a bit like “calling” yourself out. You have recognized that what you just said was not true. By recognizing that thought, word, or choice you just made was not done in a conscious way, you can change the whole dynamic in how you use the power within you. We are creator beings! With each choice, word, and thought you create.

Step into Your Power

You may choose to go a step further, stepping even further into your personal power, and seeing where the limited belief is coming from. Let’s say you had a thought that said, ” I could never do that!” You have then said,” hold up… is this true?” You recognized that the thought itself is not true. Ask yourself, “Where within me is this belief held?” Let’s say the answer that comes up for you is in my heart. Move your consciousness into that area, simply by thinking of the area. Ask then,” Why am I holding this belief?”

Consciously Healing

The answer that comes up may surprise you. It may have been you have held onto this belief simply because someone told you that you could not do something when you were younger, or you tried to do something similar at one point in time and messed up. You made a “pact” with yourself that you would never try again. Sit with the answer that comes up. You are moving the limited belief from the unconscious to the conscious which is incredibly healing!

Law of Attraction

Sometimes we can get caught up in the idea of Law of Attraction without realizing we may actually be creating unconsciously. Even with the affirmations over and over. Even with the visualizations techniques applied and even with the feeling of receiving. From the unconscious, there could be something blocking your creation and running the show. Whether it’s that small voice that says,” this won’t really happen” or the feeling of receiving felt off.

Use the same technique when using the Law of Attraction. Yes, yes, yes, I won the lottery! Did I? Is this true? You may find the unconscious laughs and says, “yea right!” Maybe you got the green light and heard, ” Absolutely!” Don’t let the things that are tucked away in the unconscious space, block you from creating the life you truly desire! Start to question those thoughts, words, and actions and heal!

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