Beyond the Shadow

Many will know the term “shadow work” being the parts of ourselves we have disassociated from. The pieces we dislike, did not want to feel anymore, the parts that in that very moment of the unpleasant experience we made a choice to protect our self and tucked it away.

It could’ve been the moment someone said, ” You will never amount to anything, you’re ridiculous!”. The moment someone abused you and the little child inside of you ran and hid out of fear. Maybe someone made you feel it wasn’t okay to be yourself. You locked away that part of you, vowing never again to show your uniqueness to the world. The feelings of “leave them before they leave you” could have manifested from being left alone when you were just a wee babe. There are so many different circumstances that shadow itself can be created.

The Stars Align Perfectly

You came into this world, whole. Every fragment that was so intricately woven to create you was chosen perfectly to serve a purpose in this life. The stars were aligned at the right time. In just the right way as you were birthed into this world. You would grow, develop, and evolve your traits and characteristics exactly as planned.

The Path of Self Discovery: Ascend

Maybe even the shadow itself was planned in a strategic way. The hurt and pain you may have experienced was so carefully laid out. That one day… when the time is right, you could step into your knowing, your light, your ALL that you are with a fire that could never again be put out.

The Chosen Shadow

Quite possibly even in the deepest parts of you, you knew you would journey back to who you truly are. Just maybe… you never would have taken the first step. If all those painful experiences had not occurred to push you to question everything about yourself. You never would’ve collected the puzzle pieces over the years, even picked up bread crumb after bread crumb, walked the path of the hero’s journey to self-discovery if it had not been for the experiences throughout your life.

The wounded, hidden parts of you that we like to call shadow are just as much a part of the plan as your strengths, talents, and the serendipitous ways things just work out. By divine design, you are exactly who you are, exactly where you need to be, and in the exact experience right now in this very moment. Give yourself a lot of credit for what you have come through. Relax into where it is you are going from here.

Beyond the Shadow

Beyond the Shadow, is the truth of who you are. Beyond the Shadow, is a serene openness to allow. Beyond the Shadow, is you… just being. Beyond the Shadow, is freedom itself where the knowing fills your heart day after day and your personal journey just gets that much sweeter.

Ready to Take the Path of Healing?

One on One shadow work sessions are now available. If you are ready to see beyond the shadow and start your healing journey, click here.



  1. Hello Krystle

    Thanks for your well written words on an important issue and for helping people to become whole again ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™

    I guess some kind of shadow work is involved in every journey towards light.

    In my opinion, due to cultural notions of good and evil we are sort of broken in two. Coming to terms with the โ€œevilโ€ part is important for our healing processes and therefore we may need a holistic worldview.

    I wrote a piece on that subject, if you like to look into it:


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