Timeline Jumps: What is Going on?

Timeline jumps… body jumps… Quantum leaps…what is going on?

That is the big question. This has been a hot topic for me lately with family and friends. Its becoming a very noticable thing… a thing that can’t be ignored.

Story Time

2 days ago, my sister and I sat on my porch talking… in the midst of conversation… we both fell silent as we looked over at the neighbor’s dog (whom we have known for around 7 years). A big muscle rotti he is and even after all these years… still aggressively barks towards us every single time. By now I know every patch of color on this do. I know what his stance looks like… I mean I know this dog. What stopped us from our conversation is this dog… same in color.. same thick collar… same breed… Was not the same dog. He was lacking his beefy muscles, his spots upon the chest, and did not bark at all. At the same time we looked at each other and said, “that is notttt the same dog!”

We watched as the kids on the other side of the fence, the neighbors neighbor, playing… and yet again the dog was not barking at them through the fence like usual. We lost sight of him for just a moment as he went around the house. We continued into our conversation. The next thing we know the real dog.. the dog we have known for the last several years ran around the corner full blast towards our side of the fence to bark at us as usual.

Again… we stopped and just looked at each other as if to try to make sure we both were seeing the same thing. This just being one of the many times in the past weeks I have witnessed an actual timeline hop… maybe a glitch in the matrix…. or maybe the answer to my biggest question as of late… what is it that we as individuals are doing to hop timelines or even bodies?!

Different Bodies?

The reason why I question whether it is timeline hops… body jumps… quantum leaps… collapsing timelines… or what is, is because every day for the last week I have taken a photo of myself every morning because I had begun to notice somethings.

One day I would have a dent in the tip of my nose, cutest little dent ever, but I knew I had never had that dent. I first noticed that on July 5th, and I remember it clearly because I was out of town with my mom, and I even showed her and that is not a typical convo I would have with my mom.

The other thing I would notice is my scar on my forehead that I have had since I was a kid was gone. I remember always having a scar. A ceramic or maybe glass unicorn fell off the headboard and gashed my forehead when I was like 8. Some days I have the scar… some days I don’t.

Some days I will wake up, and not have a dent nor the scar but have a deep wrinkle beside my nose under my eye… somedays not. Other days I have odd freckles… and some days… none of these exist.

It’s the same as going from 1 month ago with terrible pain, electrical shocks shooting through my body. I was going to the doctor and having talks of having neck surgery… and then no pain at all in my body.

I began taking the pictures and noting how I feel that day-what was the mood… what is taking place… and even the people around me.

My sister has mentioned in the past 3 days that the body she is in is… simply put “not hers”.

In the past, I have noticed timeline jumps that sure… we could look past it and chalk it up to something else and say well… maybe something else happened or maybe my mind is playing tricks on me… but these timeline jumps are hard to just chalk it up to something else.

Timeline Jumps

I’ve walked in the kitchen before and seen a straight up mess in the floor my daughter had made. I walked out of the kitchen to go tell my daughter to clean it up as she says,” what mess?” We walk into the kitchen and guess what? Mess no more. It’s gone.

Another little story?… Great! I’ll tell ya!

I went to the store down the street one day to grab toilet paper… I knew we were almost out. We had one roll we were working on. It’s one of my little pets peeves I guess, so it is something I pay attention to. Maybe TMI, but we didn’t always have TP in the house growing up. It’s one of those things to whereas an adult I make sure to have for the household. My nephew even asked before I went to the store if I was going to the store to get some! So, I knew we were about out! I went to the store, came back, went in my bathroom to put it up… and I’ll be damned if a whole package wasn’t sitting right there of toilet paper.

This got me to thinking-what is it that causes this. What is going on? Are we doing something on a personal scale to hop timelines or bodies? Is the energy changed so much that when I say I need toilet paper by gosh… there sits toilet paper… instant manifestations.

Instant Manifestations?!

Or… is something else going on?

We could talk about all the old Mandella effects from Berenstein bears to the Berenstain bears… or fruits of a loom and its basket or not… or the even more recent one… Chik-fil-A or Chic-fil-A or Chick-Fil-A.

Are timelines around us collapsing as we work through and possibly walk through our akashic records? Are we calling in more fragments of us, to become one with our true self? Am I simply going mad?

I honestly don’t think so… but some of things I’ve witnessed has certainly made me feel it.

My Theory

Here’s my theory as of right now. Let’s hop back to the story where my sister and I are on the porch with the dog. We were actually in conversation about timeline hops… and witnessed one.

As soon as we put our focus and attention upon the dog that wasn’t the dog… we watched as the dog became the dog. It was in that moment I quite possibly got some kind of direction as to how we are indeed doing this hopping.

I don’t think focus and attention has ever been understood to that depth as it had in that moment. All these synchronicities of past began to flash through my mind. The things I had placed my focus and attention upon and suddenly more of that shows up… And it has over and over.

Whether it is body hops or timelines jumps or they are one in the same. I think as of right now what this really boils down to is focus and attention. Great philosophers of past and spiritual gurus of now have said to focus on the positive … and to be honest… with the spiritual community waving the false love and light flag for so many years. I guess that very thing had lost its meaning to me. It felt like it became a distraction… a mask… from healing your shit.

Focus on the Positive

But I see that “focus on the positive” in a different way now. It blends beautifully with “we are creator beings”. We are, in fact, creating our reality.

Moving forward, I’m going to tap into the lost art of truly focusing and “paying” attention. The creation of the life I want to live… the body I want to be in… the timeline I want to be on… and just maybe even this topic right here will inspire you to do the same



  1. Ha ha, sounds crazy but who knows 🤔 I remember at some point looking at the watch and I was certain that an hour had mysteriously disappeared. However, since I didn’t have any good explanation for that I assumed that I was mistaken.

    Thanks for the very interesting post which is also funny for me to read since I am right now in the middle of a novel called The Midnight Library, which is also about related issues. Maybe another instance of synchronicity 😊👍


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