Soul Swaps/Walk ins and Dreams

I love to share my experiences, mainly because it helps me to process things, and more information tends to come out as I share. Also, me sharing parts of myself and my experience feels good. Who knows… maybe it can help others along the way.

I’ve had a few things come through this week, but I’d like to talk about an experience yesterday. I feel like I have been asleep for the past week. One of my many naps, turned out to be extremely intense. Maybe it has something to do with the new moon energy, maybe not… however, it feels like major transitions are going to be taking place. This could be on a personal scale or collectively and that may be why I feel pulled to share.

The dream

There I stood in my energetic “body” in what appeared to be a circle like room. There were 4 other beings beside me whom I couldn’t really make out their appearance. A being that I could see every detail, human like, and a very mothering energy stood to the side. She was speaking the whole time to me, though I didn’t bring all of it back with me.

The beings and I were standing in front of this other worldly mirror. It looked as though it was made of smoke… water… ether?! I know we could see our reflection and even scenes cast upon it. It was as if I was “trying on” different characters- who I would be, what experiences I would take on, the challenges I would face, etc.

The motherly being was speaking in a tone as though she did not want me to go (to earth). I remember her saying how dense it is and how I don’t belong here. Here… not there. Once I understood the assignment and all I would be taking on. I remember the being said, ” I understand how you feel, off you go.”

The Birth

The wake up from this was physically tough. As I shockingly sat up, it felt like I had burst through into this world. It was like staying under water for too long and busting through the surface as you gasp for air. I struggled to suck down the air. It felt like it was my first time trying to breath. I imagine this is what the birth process is like, coming from somewhere and through the vail that separates this earthly realm.

Questions do linger… Was I remembering what I chose… and how? Did I bare witness to a rebirth or a soul swap?

Remembrance of what was…

I was taken back to a dream I had a few months ago where I had seen soul swaps happening on a mass scale. In this dream there was soul/spirits rising up from the physical bodies and other souls/spirits coming down into the physical bodies. I did not give too much thought into the dream at the time, but after this experience I just had… it is moving into the forefront.

Is this possible? Are more elevated, higher frequency beings that are maybe part of each of our soul groups coming here to the earthly realm to assist. Have we been given the option to “tag” another portion of ourselves in this game of life?

The Hear Say

I have heard so many times in the past 2 weeks from friends and clients as well that something within them feel different. “This isn’t my body” “I look different” “I feel different” “I can’t quite put my finger on it!”

Did they also experience this? In the core of me, I feel this could be the case for many. Maybe what is to come, is not exactly what that portion of the soul made a contract for. Just maybe, they evolved in the previous phase, so they were given the option to exchange… to take a break… to rest. There is a possibility that we need more light anchored into earth, and this wouldn’t had been possible with tired and weary souls?!

Possibility in All, All is a possibility

Maybe it was just some silly dream, and I just held my breath for too long and woke up gasping. Maybe I feel different because we are in fact constantly changing and growing. Maybe this is far stretched… but then again, just maybe what is to come is the next phase of this “ascension”. Maybe in the distant stars, the heavens above, I am looking down at this me and saying, “You’ve got this!”

Added Notes

Just to add to my little story here, I was listening to a song that had been stuck in my head. Ironically enough it was Queen’s “Take my breath away”. After that song finished playing came another Queen song that has surely never been on my list, and I had never even heard this particular song “The Prophets Song”. Interesting Lyrics for sure… if you’d like to check them out. There is a sign in everything, and I certainly paid attention to this one.

On top of that interesting note, I fell asleep for yet another nap. I was visited by “Macha” one of The Morrigan sisters. The Morrigan is said to be a trio Goddess with roots in Irish/Celtic Mythology. When I went to look up what Macha represented as a Goddess, I just smiled. As she is the Goddess that brings forth a cautionary, a warning as such, to prepare people for what’s to come… interesting.


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