Dream Journey: The Train is Leaving

I woke up this morning in a jolt. I haven’t had a vivid dream in quite some time. Oddly enough… I remember thinking yesterday about this very thing. How I haven’t had a dream I can bring back in a while. I guess my subconscious had to stir somethings up to bring this one forward.

I’m going to share this dream and interpret it as I go. So, forgive this train… nevermind.

The Dream

I could feel the dry air around me and see the beams above my head as I twirled around. It was a bit dark with just a few dingy spotlights overhead. I was looking up and laughing with my arms wide open. I could tell I was showing off for someone or at least trying to lighten a mood at least. I was spinning, twirling in the same spot. I looked down and I was on a “thin sheet of ice” twirling around.

Suddenly I stopped and looked down toward this walkway. I saw my daughter standing there and knew I had heard her giggling but at this moment her smile had faded, and her brown eyes opened wide. She was waving her hand for me to come on. I realized I was on the top of a train. Some kind of bed… like a truck bed, with a thin sheet of ice on top.

I heard the train horn blow and knew I had to get down from here quickly. As I moved forward from the spot, I had been spinning on, I heard the thin ice begin to crack.

A loud shriek of the brakes letting up and a louder shriek from my daughter. One more step forward and I fell right into the pit, the ice had given away. Over a loudspeaker, I heard a robotic voice say, ” All United States Military, return to home base.” In the distance, I could hear another speaker talking to another area maybe saying something about “Warsaw”. I tried to get up, but the movement forward was holding me down. I jumped up…

Part 2 Dream

I woke up and tried to interpret this dream thinking maybe my “inner child” was telling me something about being on “thin ice” with all the fear creeping in with the world affairs. I dismissed it thinking surely that has to be it and wound up going back to sleep after drinking a cup of coffee… gasp! That damn ADHD.

In this dream, the scene was the same except my daughter was on top of the train. She wasn’t spinning or trying to have fun. She was just staring at me as the train began to move forward. I started running towards it yelling, “jump off… please jump off”. She would scream back through tears, “I can’t, it’s scary… I can’t jump.”

I ran and screamed and ran and screamed, “Please… please jump off!” Then… she was gone. Through this dark tunnel I could no longer see her. Of course, with this dream I woke up crying.

Interpretating the Dream

When I break down dreams, I think about what the specific things mean to me. Like the tunnel we were in was dark and dry, hardly any light. That makes me think of being trapped in an unknown space. The darkness symbolizing the unknown and no way to navigate my way out of it. The tunnel being enclosed/lost in this space.

The train itself… well, if you’ve been paying attention to what all is taking place is the US then you can probably guess what this might symbolize. So, let’s play around with this one. Train- a way to transport things, I grew up beside a train track and always had a thing about walking the rails and exploring, it always felt eerie. It may be because the southern Baptist church I attended when I was very young had a picture of the paster’s son hanging in the walkway and apparently, he was hit by a train after getting his foot stuck between the rails. A train right now in this moment would symbolize fear because well… all of the derailments. There is this underlying tone again of the unknown.

I was on top of the eerie unknown, twirling on “thin ice”. The thin ice I believe can symbolize an ol’ southern saying, “You’re walking on thin ice!” It is said to say, “Hey, you are going too far or you’re heading towards trouble.”

Dancing or twirling on the ice, tells me one or two things, I was knowingly dancing on the ice trying to move myself out of the “darkness” closer to what little light was there, to get little me, my daughter to smile. Or I was moving(dancing) on the unknown (train) danger (thin ice) not realizing I’m about to be consumed by it (fear).

My youngest daughter typically will show up in my dreams to symbolize the inner me… the inner child part of me. She is of course a little mini me. She could also represent that innocent childlike quality that is trying to see the world through those eyes filled with wonder. If I break down what my daughter represents to me outside of this dream… she is what laughter smells like, lol. The all-consuming joy that breaks through all barriers. She has an outstanding mind and wise beyond her years. A rainbow heart full of compassion for others. Yet, I was trying to get her to smile. In this unknown dark, eerie space with the fear ready to take me, I was trying to get her to smile.

In each dream, we were separated. That is pretty profound. Is my childlike curiosity and wonder filled eyes to explore the unknown pulling me in too deep and if I don’t tread lightly on that thin ice, I’m going fall into the darkness, and be separated from my inner child (my joy).

Also, with the voice over the speaker saying, “All US military return home”, this could definitely symbolize strength needing to come return home(within). The speaker that said something about “Warsaw” may have been a caution that something even more dangerous/more fear is in the distance. If you know anything about history, you’ll understand this one, deeply.

I see the Light

In so many ways, I feel like this dream was a cautionary flag being thrown to me by my subconscious mind. Ultimately, I am putting myself in this energy. Researching, exploring, trying to see beyond the surface of things to prepare. I haven’t been listening to my intuition in ways I usually do. I have put myself on the top of that train… on that thin ice… fear has a funny way of trapping you.

Fear has a Funny Way of Trapping You

Maybe you like me are just trying to do what’s best for you, your family, your community… and you find yourself wrapped up in what is taking place. You have good intentions and deserve to know… but it is sucking the joy right out of you. The worries and the fear just began to consume you. You try to do a little thing here and there to work your way out of it but the information, day in and day out, just continues to roll in. That inner child is begging you to get off. You can’t do the dance on the thin ice to lighten the mood for the moment while still in the midst of the “darkness”. You are going to fall in with no way to get out… and be driven away by it.

By you… I mean me, of course. If you’ve read this far than just maybe it will help you to realize that just maybe you have gotten wrapped up in the fear. Plugged into a frequency that is keeping you from your joy, your laughter, your feel-good space. Maybe you too are missing a part of yourself, and you just needed to hear that you are going the wrong way. Get off the train, with me. Let us reclaim the light and turn to our inner selves with complete trust for the days to come. Knowing we will know exactly what to do when the time comes. Fill this space with a frequency of peace as we walk with the light to navigate our way through this darkness. Bring our own power of strength and courage back home, to the heart.

From dark to light, we go. A beautiful balance within.

If you ever wake up from a vivid dream that you can’t shake and feel there is a message in it for you and you would like to have it interpretated, you can reach out anytime at journeyintuit@gmail.com


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