What Blocks Your Abundance

I’m sure you’ve heard of this or for some have even felt like something is blocking your abundance. When I talk about abundance, I’m talking about the state of being where everything is plentiful. When you are abundant, it is like you are standing in the middle of a vortex with energetic streams flowing in all directions, funneling in everything you desire. It’s a space where gratitude is filled in the heart space for the experience of life itself. It is an all-knowing sensation in the mind/heart that you are provided for and are in alignment with the universe’s expansiveness.

All in all, I’m certainly not talking about just money. Abundance for me goes beyond that energetic. When you start thinking of abundance in a broader perspective it can be a game changer. An abundance of joy, trust, gratitude, and love opens of a world of possibilities when it comes to the things you are trying to create.

No limits

My first tip to what is blocking your abundance, is the narrowing view of what abundance truly is. Open up to what abundance can really be. When you bypass the limitations, you’ve placed on what abundance is, you tap into a frequency that is expansive. A frequency that knows true abundance, and that in itself opens up doors beyond what you were even expecting. When you actively search within yourself about what abundance means to you and break through these limitations, you are able to feel that expansiveness. It is kind of like plugging into an outlet (or inlet, rather!) that is going to begin to transfer to you that which you open up to. No limits!

Limited Beliefs Blocking Your Abundance

Speaking of limitations, while you are going within, check to see if you have some limited beliefs programmed within you. This may be an experience you had in your early years that made you think you couldn’t have… shouldn’t have more. I’ve worked with so many people that bring up these limited beliefs that have been placed upon them in childhood while hearing their parents discuss financial issues. From tears to screams to sayings, “We can’t, we don’t have the money, we’re poor…” as well as beliefs created that this is just the way it is. You go to school, you get a job, and you workday in and day out and just maybe… you’ll have something one day. Maybe you watched your parents work themselves to the bone and never seen them get very far. In turn, you limited yourself to that way of life.

These limited beliefs can come in other forms as well. Feelings you hold inside that speak to you and say that you are not worthy of feeling good or having all the good things. Maybe someone made you feel “less than”. Maybe they said, ” You are worthless, you’ll never amount to anything.” Feel that pain inside and challenge yourself. Where did this belief come from? What was the experience like? Now challenge yourself to correct the belief. Allow yourself to see beyond what was done or said and shift that belief.

Pain into Power

While we are talking about feelings, the pain you hold onto can be blocking your abundance as well. That pain, heartache, anger, sorrow, regrets, guilt, shame, etc carries an energetic signature that is stored within. When you go to ask for something, try to create, shift, and manifest that which you desire you are “plugging in” with that energetic signature. What do you suppose begins to flow in. I would bet that if you took a deep look at the times you attempted to bring something into your life, you were given something else that feels like the pain and lessons you’ve already been served.

You have to heal this pain! I get it, trust me, I’ve been through some pretty traumatic things- early childhood sexual abuse, physical abuse, and was absolutely holding onto all of the emotions. Many times, even thinking I had released them, but later having them resurface. One thing I can say, is that the more I felt and attempted to heal, the easier it got to transmute the energy. I became stronger, acknowledging that I am resilient, and gave myself credit where credit was due. I began to fall in love with frequency of love that was left in my heart, and I allowed it to warm the cold spots where fear, anger, and even confusion was held. I would never say, “Just get over it”, that’s just simply not possible, but I will say, “It’s time to feel to heal.”

Whatever pain you are carrying around, give yourself the space to feel that for as long as you need. When the time comes for you to truly release it and fill that space with peace, you will… and absolutely can. You do not have to bare the weight of this pain for the rest of your life, you just have to be willing to face it. As you do… you heal and change the frequency that you operate from- ultimately opening you up to your abundance. You deserve to heal.

Trusting your Intuition

One more possible block I would like to bring forth is trusting your intuition. Maybe you were never even allowed the space to give it a try and this is your simple reminder to give yourself that opportunity. Open up to the receptors that go off in your body. The gut will be a huge one! You know that feeling you get when your tummy tightens and starts cutting cartwheels… when your anxiety peeks… that can be your intuition trying to speak. For some, you’ve attempted to follow your intuition before but was shut down by other people. It’s the moment when you say, “hey, we should go left” and they say why would we do that… that doesn’t make sense. It is time to listen to your intuition again.

Maybe you have even noticed a pattern of this… take a look back on the times you didn’t follow your intuition. What was that experience like? What could it had been like if you had listened to YOU? I feel like repeated patterns show up in your life to see if you are going to start choosing you. Allow your heart to navigate you in your journey, it is your GPS. Trusting that you are divinely guided dismantles doubt, fear, insecurities, and disbelief.

Envision what that could feel like. To know that each step you are taking is in the right direction! To know that you made the right choice! Can you imagine what kind of energy that creates! Abundance.


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