Tarot Tips: Experience the Story

Many years ago, while walking through a bookstore, a tarot deck in its box fell as I passed. I picked up just going to place it back on the shelf, yet the art caught my eye. It was absolutely dreamy with beautiful bold colors that came to life when I looked at the back showing a preview of the art. It was as if it was screaming, “I’m yours, take me home!” So, I did. I love all things artsy and though I had no idea where this path would lead me, I fell in love with the stories that the cards would share with me.

I got home and dug right in. Opening the box and scattering the cards out before me, I felt an instant connection. Knowing I had no idea how to read tarot, I began to search the net for the answers that were held within the cards. One by one, I researched each card, learning the textbook meanings and journaling about them. As I went through the cards, I remembered thinking, “how in the world am I going to remember every single meaning of each of these cards?”

Let the Cards Show You the Story

If you’re anything like me and have trouble storing information in the brain, you probably have asked that question once or twice. So, I started to play around with another option. The option that came naturally when I first picked the box up off the floor. I allowed the cards to show me the story. That is how I truly began to read tarot. Simply by allowing myself to see the story through the cards made such a difference in how I read and how I began to deliver messages to clients across the world.

How do you let the cards tell you a story? Well, it is easier than you think. Depending on which deck you choose or are gifted, there will always be something within the card that will speak to you. Let’s say you want to just pull a card a day to begin to connect to your deck and learn. Within that one card, you can sense a lot. Let’s take the Sun card for an example. On most decks you will see a picture of the sun and usually a child riding a white horse. Instantly you can feel (if you allow) the warmth of the sun itself. You can be reminded of sunny days when you were younger- playing, laughing, maybe even exploring the world through the lens of innocence. The story of what is taking place in this card can be seen, felt, and heard. You can also relate these expressions to yourself or the question that was posed to bring even more life to the story.

All the Answers will be Revealed

Let’s say you asked the question, “Hey tarot deck, how do I connect with my intuition? You pull the sun card and begin to view the scene that is displayed in the card. You begin to recollect a time where you felt free. Your eyes sparkled with excitement for what the day had in store for you. The warmth of sun brought out an immediate impression that today was going to be a great day and you basked in the light of that good feeling. You take a look at the child in the card, and you take notice that in order to get connected to your intuition, you have to connect to your childlike essence. You must align with things that make you feel good, that raise your vibration. Filled with wonder, you open up to your intuition in that very moment. Not only has a card brought forth a story of how to connect with your intuition, answered your question, but it also shared a frequency with you in that moment. WOW!

Bond with your Deck

There is no right or wrong way to connect with tarot. Do what feels good and right to you. Allow the art to come alive and speak to you. Allow yourself to see beyond the textbook meanings and to be shown the story before you. Don’t get attached to the story you seen and felt the first go around, because every time you pull it you may be shown a different side… a different story. You will be amazed at how fast your connection will grow when you open up to the possibilities laid before you by your deck. Fast forward, years later, and oh the stories you will have to share together, as you and your deck (s) bond. Let them come to life and this will dramatically change the way you read for yourself and others. Experience the Story. Good luck!


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