Activating the Solar Plexus: Collective Energy

Oh, how the solar plexus is being activated to new heights within the last few days. When I tune into my physical body, I see these golden, sparkling yellow hues just flowing and moving outwards from my solar plexus area. The Sanskrit meaning which is translated to “shining gem” paints a pretty awesome mental picture and describes it perfectly!

Each morning, when I wake up, I like to do a little body check in with myself because of the work I do… I want to know what’s mine- and what isn’t! I’ve noticed in the past few days, the energy in my solar plexus was amplifying. It certainly would explain why I have felt the need to create! Btw, there will be many light language art photos added to my page! If that’s your thing check it out!

Art in my eyes is a tool for transformation and transmuting energy! With so much energy coming into the solar plexus chakra, the old stagnant energy must be released. Emotions that we have long held onto like shame, anger, and guilt are ready to be released and this big push of energy moving in is saying, “Get out of the way!” Art helps me to move energy and create something beautiful from it. After all emotion is literally energy in motion. From releasing to creating, I journey on!

Just like with our physical bodies, our energetic bodies, and our energetic centers can be wounded. Sometimes this can happen during a traumatic event early in life or even last week when someone triggered feelings of you being “less than”. You can think of a wounded chakra as being off balance or even dysfunctional. Arising from the dysfunction is the shadow! The shadow side of the solar plexus energy center is shame. Shame itself can transform into all types of negative emotions like guilt and anger. As we are collectively and actively in the energy of “Expressing Who We Are”, I can see why the divine plan is amping up the energy for this center. There’s no more room for shame in each of our lives. Shame tends to keep us “small”, and we are much more than that! This energy is cleaning house and allowing us all to step into our full self, our wholeness, our profound epiphany of “Who I Am” with confidence… if you will allow it!

It also didn’t dawn on me until just now that I have had several clients coming forth with complaints about stomach issues and pains. I get the sense that this energy has a lot to do with that, especially if there is a “holding on” or “holding back” … too much pressure… so much pressure! If this is the case for you, and you are finding it hard to let go and release the old, there could be an unconscious block that is stopping you.

There are so many ways you can began to find the source of this shadow side in your solar plexus. One of the biggest things is being honest with yourself! The ultimate honesty, vulnerabilities and all, and allowing the truth to surface. You can work with this energy now…yes right now… to release all those things that just don’t serve you any longer. Try journaling, the more you write the more you will learn about you. You can start by tuning into the solar plexus area and starting with the phrase, “I feel…” as well as questioning why it is that you feel that way, and just begin to follow that trail. This in itself will shed so much light into your unconscious mind so that you can start to consciously work with it and release it.

If you feel that you need help in this discovery and think it would be beneficial to you, I specialize in shadow work and offer one-on-one shadow work sessions! We are all on a journey of self-discovery and moving into our fullEST potential!

Allow the energy to flow and inspire you as you step into the truth of who you are with confidence!

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