Back to Basics

If you’ve found yourself saying, “When is this energy going to let up?!” You are not alone in this feeling. This is about the thickest wave of energy I have felt in a long time (and the longest wave). At first, I thought it was just me, having come out of surgery with a neckContinue reading “Back to Basics”

Soul Swaps/Walk ins and Dreams

I love to share my experiences, mainly because it helps me to process things, and more information tends to come out as I share. Also, me sharing parts of myself and my experience feels good. Who knows… maybe it can help others along the way. I’ve had a few things come through this week, butContinue reading “Soul Swaps/Walk ins and Dreams”

Timeline Jumps: What is Going on?

Timeline jumps… body jumps… Quantum leaps…what is going on? That is the big question. This has been a hot topic for me lately with family and friends. Its becoming a very noticable thing… a thing that can’t be ignored. Story Time 2 days ago, my sister and I sat on my porch talking… in theContinue reading “Timeline Jumps: What is Going on?”

Sound Healing: Amazing Ancient Techniques

Sound has been used as a catalyst in our history, across cultural bounds from Shamans to Tibetan lamas, Christians to Hindu, and many others. From ancient mystery schools in Greece, Egypt, Indian and other places of knowledge-we can explore the possibilities of sound healing being that it was and is a developed sacred science. LongContinue reading “Sound Healing: Amazing Ancient Techniques”

Consciously Creating

There is an extra metaphysical layer to this reality where your words, thoughts, and choices actually matter. Are you taking into account how you are creating? Is it from a conscious state or an unconscious state? How do you even go about figuring out the answer to that?! Consciously Create: Is this true? One easyContinue reading “Consciously Creating”

Transformation 32: Elisa’s Healing

Elisa is healing. Elisa is committed to her healing. Elisa is committed to allowing for her healing. At 39 years old and about 2 months away from her big 40th birthday, she contacted me to see if I could help. We sat together in the zoom call together, getting a feel for each other, andContinue reading “Transformation 32: Elisa’s Healing”

Healing Frequency

We are healing together on levels like never before! The healing frequency I’m seeing connect energetically is absolutely beautiful. Mother Earth is healing, we are healing… and the energetic connections are firing up the more we stand into the understanding of Oneness! A Healing Wave A wave of healing frequency is moving through. With this,Continue reading “Healing Frequency”

The Journey through

The journey in life is filled with twist and turns with choices to numerous amounts of paths available for what you are to experience…. for what you chose and choose to experience. Here we are, to experience it all to the fullest! The good, the bad, and everything in between Every path has a purpose.Continue reading “The Journey through”