Beyond Quantum Healing

Beyond Quantum Healing is a journey through your subconscious mind. It is a journey through your subconscious to gain answers to all of your questions. BQH unlocks information such as who you truly are, past lives you have experienced, and can even reveal your starseed origin.

The session can give you understanding on why you are the way you are, provides healing for physical and emotional pains, allows you to get in touch with your higher self, meet your spirit team, and even understand your purpose or life mission. There are so many questions that you can gain the answers to during your session.

I’ve seen first-hand, the magic that flows during these sessions. The power behind the voice of an archangel that speaks through you. The “aha” moments when you finally understand the “whys”. Brilliant symbolism that the subconscious mind likes to use to open your eyes to deep understanding. The vibration of love that is felt when in the presence of your spirit guides is out of this world!

It is an honor to facilitate Beyond Quantum Healing Sessions

I am grateful for not only getting to have my own personal sessions done, but to be able to facilitate sessions. It is an experience I will forever honor.

Let’s talk about what to expect when having a session with me. The first thing that will happen is- I want to know you better! We will take about 15-20 minutes when we first connect to chit-chat. Not only is the perfect time for me to get to know you better, but it’s also a way for you to get comfortable being open with me.

One of things that will truly affect the way the session flows- is your comfort level. The energy we both bring to the session will influence the session and how it is experienced! I want you to be 100% comfortable with me, so that’s how we spend this time. I’ll ask you questions such as, ” What was your childhood like?” “Who are the people in your life you are closest to?” “How is you physical/emotional health?

Beyond Quantum Healing Water Alchemy

We will talk about all your questions you want answered during the session. Then we will work on writing a heart-based intention specifically for your session. This intention is powerful, as it sets up the tone of the whole session. We do a water alchemy to set and speak this intention and allow its energy to flow through the multiverse. During the water alchemy you will visualize your intention moving from your crown chakra, into your body, down in your arm, and into the water. We both then drink your intention!

Alignment of the Heart and Mind

The next step before we move you into a relaxed state, is to align your heart and mind, as well as our energies, and bring in both of spirit teams to work together during the session. I personally feel this is where the magic really happens!

There is science that supports this magic

The alignment of the heart and mind is very important for the BQH session. Heart focused breathing aligns the mind and the heart to a coherent state. The heart sends more signals to the brain and the brain continuously responds to the heart. In other words, it heightens cognition! You can find the data behind this at HeartMath Institute.

It also stimulates the vagus nerve. This helps to calm your nerves and to help you relax more.

Our spirit teams further support the session

Our spirit teams work together during a Beyond Quantum Healing Session! Knowing that our combined teams step up and help to guide you to your answers is quite an experience. I’ve found that many times they like to play with my gifts during the session to help me guide you as well. Sometimes I find myself right in that experience or scene with you. They’ll send me visions, messages, and surround me with their unconditional love to help you!

Beyond Quantum Healing Session

During the session itself, you will go to the most relevant places and times to gain the clarity you are looking for. There are limitless things you could experience. Each session will be different for each individual. I’ve always felt that you will experience it exactly the way you need to experience it. Bringing forth the information that is needed to help you.

The subconscious mind has a way of protecting us, so don’t worry- you will not be shown anything it isn’t time to see.

You may find yourself in a past memory from this lifetime where you have held onto a traumatic experience that needs healing. Maybe you will see yourself as a warrior, fighting a battle, and feeling that honor run through your veins. You could also experience life on another planet, maybe even your home planet! Your future self could come with a message for you to help you along your current path.

You may find yourself in a healing place surrounded my vibrant energetic beings that fill you with love and complete peace. Everyone’s experience is completely different. The most beautiful part about going into these sessions, is your and my ability to have no expectations about what you will experience or learn.

When the time is right, and you have visited a few different aspects of yourself, I will call in your higher self or a guide to speak through you. During this time, you may have to lend them your voice and give them permission to do so. Your level of comfortability has everything to do with how forthcoming they are.

Calling in the higher self is a beautiful experience in itself!

In my personal session, when the facilitator called in my higher self, I found that it felt as though one part of my body was kind of “shutdown”, like one side of brain was housing “them”. I say them because it felt and sounded as though there were a few parties there to speak. It was actually my soul tribe that had stepped forward to give me the answers I needed.

I’ll never forget the feeling of complete peace and love in a deeper sense that washed over my body. I’ve also had my spirit guides speak through me, which was quite an eye-opening experience. You may find that during that part of the session, you’ll have no memory of what is said. Everyone is different on that note as well. Some may find they remember bits and pieces of the session, others may remember every scene, or some may not remember anything at all. Either way you experience it, is completely okay, it’s what is meant for you.

With every session you are given the recording for you to keep. I’ve come to understand that many times, more information will come to you in the following days after a session as well. Having the recording to playback can bring in more downloads for you to experience! It’s like a nice package from the universe filled with intense love and guidance! Feel free to contact me with any other questions you have or if you would like to book a session.

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