The Journey…

Beyond the Shadow

Many will know the term “shadow work” being the parts of ourselves we have disassociated from. The pieces we dislike, did not want to feel anymore, the parts that in that very moment of the unpleasant experience we made a choice to protect our self and tucked it away. It could’ve been the moment someoneContinue reading “Beyond the Shadow”

Consciously Creating

There is an extra metaphysical layer to this reality where your words, thoughts, and choices actually matter. Are you taking into account how you are creating? Is it from a conscious state or an unconscious state? How do you even go about figuring out the answer to that?! Consciously Create: Is this true? One easyContinue reading “Consciously Creating”

Healing Frequency

We are healing together on levels like never before! The healing frequency I’m seeing connect energetically is absolutely beautiful. Mother Earth is healing, we are healing… and the energetic connections are firing up the more we stand into the understanding of Oneness! A Healing Wave A wave of healing frequency is moving through. With this,Continue reading “Healing Frequency”

The Journey through

The journey in life is filled with twist and turns with choices to numerous amounts of paths available for what you are to experience…. for what you chose and choose to experience. Here we are, to experience it all to the fullest! The good, the bad, and everything in between Every path has a purpose.Continue reading “The Journey through”

Mother Jaguar Energy

Mother Jaguar, gatekeeper of all things unknown, encourages us to tap into our personal power and to recognize our strengths. The unknown can be a catalyst for releasing fears and fear can be a motivator! Move into the unknown truths of You, fearlessly! This light language encoded art amplifies the power of Mother Jaguar andContinue reading “Mother Jaguar Energy”


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