Protective Energy Sheild Experience

I just wanted to take a moment and journal about an experience I had yesterday and bring forth a very basic practice that is so very important… Your ENERGY SHEILD! This is a very helpful practice for those that are tuned into energies and tend to pick them up. When this happens, it can beContinue reading “Protective Energy Sheild Experience”

The Many Ways of Shadow Work

There I was… laying in bed… tossing and turning…tick-tock…1am…tik-tok…irritation swelling up in me…tick-tock…facebook… turn…youtube…2am…toss…tick-tock… mind empty, yet restless…anger… 3am… fine… I’ll get up… go sweep the kitchen… go smoke… sit down… huff… tick-tock…. What am I avoiding?! Alright, to the notebook I go… the sacred space where all my thoughts, insecurities, fears, insights, and dreamsContinue reading “The Many Ways of Shadow Work”

Sacral Chakra

Let’s talk about the Sacral Chakra! The Sacral energy center is the foundation of feelings… it’s your connection with life through your senses. It’s the spark that ignites our inner fires! The desire to connect to people on a deeper level, your drive behind your passions, the flicker of excitement that runs through us whenContinue reading “Sacral Chakra”

The Puzzle of Life

If you’re anything like me, you want to know it all, experience it all, and understand it all. Learning has been a huge part of my journey. I have this unexplainable yet undeniable craving, this yearning, to understand myself and others in all of our “multi-versions”. My journey of self-discovery began at a very youngContinue reading “The Puzzle of Life”

Dream Journey: The Subconscious Mind Speaks

The “weighted blanket” hit again today and I just had to take a nap. I woke up and began to write this! In my dream, I was riding on a motorcycle. There was an urgency in the air and a few other people tagging along on their bikes as well like we were a group.Continue reading “Dream Journey: The Subconscious Mind Speaks”

Energy like a Weighted Blanket

What about these energies? Have you all been feeling them? The heaviness of this energy is light a weighted blanket that I felt like I couldn’t kick off… no matter what. Its been a wild ride and it isn’t over yet! At any given moment, that weighted blanket can be put back on me toContinue reading “Energy like a Weighted Blanket”

Rubian Heart Energy Healing

I wanted to talk a bit about a “new” healing modality that I have been bringing forth. This healing modality is a mixture of energy healing, balancing the energy centers with tones, healing with vibrational tones, and also light language. I’ve had some downloads of information about this modality since I’ve been exploring more andContinue reading “Rubian Heart Energy Healing”