Rubian Heart Energy Healing

I wanted to talk a bit about a “new” healing modality that I have been bringing forth. This healing modality is a mixture of energy healing, balancing the energy centers with tones, healing with vibrational tones, and also light language. I’ve had some downloads of information about this modality since I’ve been exploring more andContinue reading “Rubian Heart Energy Healing”

Your Psychic Gifts: Claircognizance

Claircognizance is your psychic intuition, or clear thinking! Cognizance meaning knowledge… it simply means you just just know things! Sometimes it feels like, “I don’t know how I know…but I know!” It may feel like information just comes in, like downloads, from an unknown source. So basically, claircognizance is that sweet spot where clarity andContinue reading “Your Psychic Gifts: Claircognizance”

Amp up your Psychic Abilities

So… there I was in meditation and my very wise but pushy spirit guide says, “hit record”. So I followed the suggestion and just started rambling on in a video about how I don’t even know what this video is suppose to be about but I’m following the call to do so. After I startedContinue reading “Amp up your Psychic Abilities”

Synchronicity: Messages from Beyond

What is a synchronicity? Described as “the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.” To me, they are messages from beyond to nudge you towards the right path. If your paying close attention, these synchronicities happen all the time. You are being lovingly guided to exactly where youContinue reading “Synchronicity: Messages from Beyond”

Life isn’t Bland

…and if it is, for you… it’s not meant to be. I lived that “way” for along time. I let the mundane day to day: Eat, Work, Sleep cycle take over. Life was…bland. In fact, as bland as it gets. I would wake up and think,” Is this day over yet?” Not even wanting toContinue reading “Life isn’t Bland”

It Ain’t Ya Business: Focusing on Your Own Energy

Right?! Maybe this subject ain’t my business (insert shrug emoji). I’ve noticed people around me are having a hard to time balancing their energy. Oh, the complaining…oh the dense energy, sighhhh. I hear,” I’m angry…so angry! I have no energy! I just feel like crying and don’t even know why!” but at the same timeContinue reading “It Ain’t Ya Business: Focusing on Your Own Energy”

Synchronicities: Are You Paying Attention?

I love the feeling of joy that consumes me when I notice the synchronicities rolling in! It’s a splash of excitement with a touch of wonder for what is next every single time. Sometimes those signs are so subtle that if you aren’t paying attention, you won’t even notice! Now I am a firm believerContinue reading “Synchronicities: Are You Paying Attention?”