Empath Tip

One of the biggest questions I get from my clients is, “How do I protect my energy?” or “How do I protect myself from other’s energy?” If you find yourself feeling completely drained after going into a store or even having anxiety during the trip…first, you’re more than likely an empath. Many people that askContinue reading “Empath Tip”

Dream Interpretation

My favorite thing to do for myself and others is interpreting dreams. The symbolism that the subconscious uses in our dreams is beyond fascinating! Let me tell you how I interpret dreams with an example of my own dream. Get your dream journals ready! There I was shoulder deep in murky river water, walking downstream.Continue reading “Dream Interpretation”

How I Became A BQH Practitioner

A few things actually lead me to becoming a Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner! I’ve always been this person that felt this deep urge… this deep desire to help…help people, and I found more times than I can count that people would just draw to me like a magnet to vent and to receive my guidance.Continue reading “How I Became A BQH Practitioner”

Manifesting: Let’s talk about it

Let’s talk a bit about manifestation. It seems like I get the Law of Attraction question a lot. How do you attract the things you want? What is the trick? What am I doing wrong? My best friend of 20+ years has chalked me up to a “master manifestor”. I would laugh and say ah…Continue reading “Manifesting: Let’s talk about it”

A Fun Way to Learn Tarot

Are you trying your best to learn tarot, trying to memorize the book meanings, maybe even writing down keywords for the cards you just don’t connect with? Yea, I did that too. It wasn’t until I put my own twist into learning the cards, did they stick. Not only do I have specific meanings nothingContinue reading “A Fun Way to Learn Tarot”

Beyond Quantum Healing

Beyond Quantum Healing is a journey through your subconscious mind. It is a journey through your subconscious to gain answers to all of your questions. BQH unlocks information such as who you truly are, past lives you have experienced, and can even reveal your starseed origin. The session can give you understanding on why youContinue reading “Beyond Quantum Healing”

Remembering Who You Are

Have you noticed through your life so far that you might have an affinity towards something…rather strange. With no explanation or no reason as to why you are attracted to certain things. You didn’t get it from your culture, your parents, or even friends. For me that “thing” was any and all kinds of AsianContinue reading “Remembering Who You Are”