Is there a Gift Hidden in your Life Patterns: Purpose, Life Path, and your Calling

As you seek to heal from your early patterns in life, please look deeply into those patterns. See whether there is a gift hidden in that. When you awaken from it ALL; this gift may actually become your life’s calling!

You have a Purpose!

Many times, those tough situations you found yourself in throughout your life can be the key to your power. A key to unlock a door to your purpose.

Turn Your Pain into Your Power!

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “turn your pain into your power”. It may be time to look deeper into that. The things that repeat in our lives hold a powerful lesson in them. My question is- What can we do with what we learned? Share that wisdom! Guide others that are experiencing the same things we did and empower them as they step outside of that pain!

A client turns her pain power…

For example, a client I have been working with comes from an unstable home environment. One parent was absent much of the time and the other was an alcoholic. She grew up unsure of what love actually is because she had never received that love.

She was emotionally abused much of the time by the alcoholic parent. That parent would become enraged and spew poisonous words towards her. Her self-worth took a huge hit through the years. She wound up repeating a pattern through much of her life with toxic partners. They showed her the same “love” she had been brought up with.

She was spiraling in a pattern, a cycle she didn’t have no idea how to break free from. She knew she needed help. Little did she know that she would turn her pain into her superpower!

After working with her, taking deep journeys into her shadow self, healing her inner child, recognizing these patterns, breaking through limited beliefs about her worth and value, and seeing what love truly is… she discovered she wanted to be a catalyst for change.

She is now volunteering at a women and children’s shelter, sharing her newfound love for self and others. She also is going through schooling to become an alcohol and addictions counselor! “Being able to help those women and children through the very things I had experienced is beyond fulfilling!”, she has said.

Through it all, she found her purpose. She has a deep desire to help others and serves her community.

The man that lost his parents in a drunk driving crash when he was younger. He becomes a patrol officer, to help keep the roads safe. What about the teen mom who struggled and has now opened a pregnancy center for struggling mothers?

How about the person that overcame drug addiction and now advocates at the local schools to ” Just say No!” The child that couldn’t do anything for her sick sister. She now works as a medical research doctor at the children’s hospital.

The thing about all of these examples is that through their pain, they found a desire to make a difference. A change from what they knew. So that other’s do not have to go through the experience alone or even at all!

You Hold the Key to Your Purpose

On a personal note, I too found power in my pain! It is where Journey Intuit comes from! Without me, journeying into IT… I never would have stepped out of that pain to step into my power or aligned with my purpose.


I WILL ADD A TRIGGER WARNING HERE! sexual abuse, rape, physical abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse, sex addiction, suicidal depression, selective mutism, social anxiety

You see, I was sexually, physically, emotionally, mentally abused much of my life. I “learned” at the very early age of 3, to not tell, as I was sexually abused.

That theme of “not telling” was a major theme, a repeated pattern throughout my life. I had developed selective mutism which set off events for more traumatic patterns.

The experiences with sexual abuse did not stop there. It continued into my teenage to early adult years in other patterns of sex addiction. Add onto that, a very mis-interpreted version of love.

The select mutism affected me in ways that the belief “ you don’t tell… you don’t tell when you are hurt, when you are in pain, you just don’t tell” had taken over. It was pretty much running the show!

The Pattern of “Not Telling”

I suffered from extreme social anxiety as well. School was very difficult, for example. Anxiety paired with the selective mutism made for a terrifying combination. It was so bad; I would go into class before everyone else and try to go to sleep before the other kids came in.

I’d mask a panic attack very quickly. When the sensation of choking would start, I would cover it up with a fake cough. Then, excuse myself out into the hallway until it passed. I never told anyone… I stayed in fear of the next time it would happen. Ultimately, in fear of the fear that was causing the attacks.

Living in the fear of the fear

With the pattern of abuse, unknowing what love was, and the mutism; I had my first physically abusive relationship when I was 14. My second… 17. My third…19. All the way into my most traumatic one, my marriage. A ten-year relationship, with all the patterns rolled into one!

From continued sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental and emotional abuse. To me keeping quiet and not telling anyone came my suicidal depression. It wasn’t until, I had done some deep journeying within; that I realized this was not how I was going to live my life.

An Awakening Process into Emotional Healing

Something happened, that began my “awakening” process. Awakening in a sense that it’s time to snap out of it! Step the hell outside of that pain and trauma! I was broken. Through all of this heartache and pain, I had a moment where I was over it all… I was ready to give up and check out.

Full of pain and tears I walked into my closet and pulled out my gun. I was on my knees, screaming like I had never done before. Letting it all out, years of bottled-up trauma finally escaping. I put the gun to my head, and I pulled the trigger. I was ready…

Apparently, the higher power was not! The voice and the words I heard I will never forget. ” Please remember… all you have been through will not be in vain, there is a purpose.”

I laid there wrapped in the sweetest energy I had ever felt.

“Please remember…all you have been through will not be in vain, there is a purpose”

My Purpose, My Calling, My Life Path

I literally had a calling. I vowed to continue in my journey of healing. To see things for what they truly were. Breaking out of the cycle of repeated patterns. To make profound changes as I learned and to commit myself to my inner healing so that I could see that reflection in my life.

Today, I work with clients all over that have been through many of the same things that I had experienced and even beyond what I have been through. I found power in my pain. As a result, I found purpose in my life that is fueled with fire in my heart.

A fire to be in service to others. This fire to be a guiding light as we journey into the dark and find your light. A fire to help you heal from within so that you too can step into the path of your highest potential!

The Gift of Healing

I had a gift, a superpower hidden in the patterns I healed from. That gift is my ability to do for others what I had done for myself- Journey into HEALING!

I also had to find the power in my voice, after overcoming selective mutism. I had to start speaking my truth and share it! That took a lot of courage and strength to overcome, but I never could had done that without the inner work.

Some may say I have shared too much in this post… but I say,” My story is my purpose, my old pain is now my power, and I will not be silent any longer. I will share the depths of me to inspire others to do the same. I will walk in my journey with love, the FIRE, and the utmost comfortability in who I am and my purpose! For you, I have the same desire!”

I hope this post serves you well and reminds you to take a deeper look into the patterns in your life.

What key are you already holding to unlock your life purpose?

Of course, this isn’t the only way of stepping into your purpose. Nobody says you have to go through a traumatic experience to have a purpose. This was just my experience and what I see in many of the clients I work with. Simply a post to see things from a different perspective in case you are struggling with that same old question of ” What’s my purpose in life”. This could trigger something within and help you to find just that!

As always, if you would like a guiding light through your journey, whether it be healing, shadow work, inner child work, and aligning in your purpose… I am here to serve you through your journey, so that you too can step onto the path of your highest potential!

If you would like to find out more about a “de-program” I offer to assist your healing journey specifically, click here to read more about it, and book your free consultation!

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