Kundalini Awakening Experience

Sometimes the best ways to learn is by expressing oneself, you know a bit of introspection! I believe I am experiencing the kundalini energy. THE KUNDALINI ENERGY!

A Spontaneous Kundalini Awakening

That sounded profound! Well, it feels profound. Though I haven’t done much research on this topic. Reading about kundalini energy on chakras.info which was interesting. They describe it being a “natural phenomenon”.

There was nothing I have done out of the ordinary to make this come on. When this begin, I was telling my friend that what I’m experiencing may have something to do with kundalini energy.

I said it from a place of spirit, from that place where you get a download of information coming in!

If you happened to catch my blog post the day after this began, I created a shadow work post to see if I was holding anything in this area (my lower back) that is creating this pain. As I do believe we store emotions in the body and that can manifest into physical pain.

I also had drawn a light language picture. At the time, I had no idea why I was drawing it!

serpent energy rising up the chakra energy centers with light language
Kundalini Light Language

It certainly had a Kundalini Vibe to it, eh?

I was nudged to share this picture and add some light language as a kundalini activation as I was sharing my experience on YouTube. By the time I was done with that video, I could feel the energy moving through my back as if it was soothing what was taking place. Pretty cool!

You can also check out that video on my YouTube, if you’d like.

The Morning after

This morning, I woke up pretty early, feeling a sense of peace and super refreshed in a way I hadn’t felt in a while! My sleep was odd though! It was more of a night long “meditative state”. I was awake, yet asleep. There I was conversating all night long with… I’ll just say my higher self.

When it comes down to it, I could say higher dimensional beings- spirit guides, star beings, angels, ancestors, but WE ARE ALL ONE. We’ll save that for another topic, ; )!

Conversations With the Higher Self

So, yes, conversating with my higher self all night long. My higher self had shown me these triangular energy centers in the base of the spine. In this area of my body, I could feel where energy was trying to flow through this triangle.

Perhaps this is where the leftover pain is coming from, in my lower back. It feels like at any moment it’s going to burst upwards!

During my sleep state, my higher self said,” Do remember you will be working with the fire”. Many, many months ago I had received a download of information that I would be working with the fire element.

I never really understood that, and honestly, I had kind of chalked it up to mean I’d be leading with my heart and working with fire in a sense of my passion.

This higher aspect was teaching me how to work with this energy.

I see how this is a fire energy merging upwards as the kundalini “awakens” and it was as if it is transformative in a sense that it burns away the old. Literally! Within typing that, it felt different than just saying, “Out with the old” or “Letting go of the old”. It felt deeper than that in a sense!

Somehow, I just know that all my self-inner work I have been doing has set off this natural process. It is like something being birthed, a leveling up, a sense of freedom that I have yet to know-but will know.

Shadow work, shadow work, shadow work=emotional freedom

Some other things I was shown or told during the night, was a reminder of how important the breath and intention can be to help this energy. Deep, fast breaths like breath of fire with the intention. Afterall, intention is everything!

I also woke up with a desire to do some beginner kundalini yoga though I don’t remember that being talked about, I feel I am being guided through this process if I will allow for it!

Some other things I was noticing before this pain set in, in my lower back, is my body vibrating like an inner earthquake.

It was starting to happen not only in my sleep like before but when I’m awake. Like on a cellular level, something is coming “online“.

I was having some intense head pressure for a few days prior as if there was a lot of incoming energy, then it was as if things stabilized.

I also had felt this heart and mind alignment- like an electrical current was plugged in between the two… a flip switched! I’m mentioning these things because they could be pieces of the puzzle!

One thing is for sure, I woke up with reassurance, this deep understanding. Whereas I was in fear of not knowing what this pain was and also fear of the future with thoughts of is this it… is this what I am going to be feeling like from now on. You know the pain was something major if it had fear creeping up in me!

I’m sure along my journey, I will do some updates, as I know this is just the beginning!

I am growing, learning, transmuting, and transforming- and that’s a beautiful path to be on!

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