Light Language


Personalized Light Encoded Digital Art

Expected Delivery: 3-5 days via Email Channeled Light Codes Specifically for you within your Digital Art



Personalized Light Encoded Digital Art and Light Language Sound Transmission

This is a powerful package with your channeled encoded art piece specifically for you and your very own light language song transmission. 7-10 Delivery available for download, as well as a private upload onto my YouTube channel for easy access, anytime.


Journey Intuit | Official Merchandise | Bonfire

Light Encoded Design

Light language is a powerful modality for healing, clearing energy, expression, alignments, transmuting emotions, activating dormant DNA, and connecting to the heart.

There are many modalities being introduced on this planet to assist in holding frequency, activating codes, and bringing forth information. Light is information, so you can think of the language as a channel of information to be downloaded into the individual for the highest good.

New Language of Light Activations Deck Available HERE

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Photograph Light Encoded Art

Encoded Art made with your photograph, with light language transmissions added to it specifically for you and your highest good. 5-7 day delivery via email. If you are local, I am more than happy to turn this into a photography session! Email me at for any questions and to send me the photo you would like to use.


Dragon Energy Painting

5×7 Encoded Art – $60.00 (Sold)

light language painting
Personalized LL Painting heading to Arkansas

Interested in a personalized piece or one that is posted? Email me at to make arrangements!

Reawaken Your Soul’s Memory

Ancient ones Light Language
Ancient Ones
light language creativity
Look Deeper

Wisdom Codes

Light Language Jewelry

Available by request as of now. Most of my light language art can be made into a necklace or keychain. The cost including shipping is $22.00 for the pendant, chain or keychain claw. You may also request a purchased personalized or photograph encoded art into jewelry. You can reach out to me at for special request

What do you feel?

From Root to Crown
Chakra Cleanse

Light Language Encoded Song Transmissions

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at

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