Shadow Healing

Shadow Work: Shining a Light into the Unconscious mind.

Fall in Love with ALL of YOU!

Are you ready to fall in love with ALL of who YOU are. From hidden memories of days past to the inner child within that begs to be heard, shadow work, works because it pulls things from the unconscious space that had been running the show… to be healed.

Shadow can look like lashing out in anger, then questioning yourself afterwards, “Why did I act like that?” It can also look like bouts of extreme sadness where you cannot figure out where the sadness is coming from. Maybe you have felt there is something in your core that has been screaming to get your attention.

I have been there! The little girl inside of me begging to be seen… loved… nurtured! The shadows playing peek-a-boo, showing their face in the smallest of situations, to say I am here, and I have a voice. The shadow will continue to show itself in your life, until acknowledged, and loved all the same. This is true healing. This is an opportunity to change the way you look at life. Ultimately to experience a life full of joy and peace. You deserve this- You are worthy of happiness and love on all levels of your life!

Shadow Healing Sessions

First session will be $75.00, powerful and incredibly deep. If you choose to continue your journey of shadow work, the session cost will decrease. You will leave each session with great insight into all of you!

Session 1$75.00
Session 2-5$50.00
5 and beyond$30.00

“Approximately 2 years ago, I began to investigate becoming a BQH practitioner and desired to meet and chat with someone already practicing Beyond Quantum Healing.  Enter Krystle J. Hemphill, Journey Intuit.  I felt a magnetic draw to Krystle and since I have a YouTube channel too, we began getting to know each other. She shared with me that she had done a lot of shadow work on herself with great success.   I really didn’t understand EXACTLY what “shadow work” was or how it might impact me, but I was VERY interested in discovering, understanding and integrating ALL the parts and pieces, the “shadows”,  of myself that I continue to ignore, suppress, resist or deny.  So she began to work with me when I had a particular shadow appear… helping me to get to the bottom of it, to see, sense and feel it without suppression for exactly what it is… a traumatic state of consciousness that, indeed happened, must be addressed, felt, forgiven and released.

Krystle has developed a method that lends itself quite easily to customization to / for each client once they get the hang of it.  Due to all the other gifts and abilities that Krystle has on board, she has the unique ability to not only create and hold a safe energetic frequency envelope/container, easily allowing for deconstruction, but her connection with her own team as well as the client, receiving real time guidance regarding which of her gifts to use when… best combination I have experienced yet!”

— Sheila Corona

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