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Let’s Journey into the Solar Plexus energy center! The Solar Plexus is your power house! It sits between the upper and lower energy center, kind of like a bridge for energy to flow through the whole body. It is located above the belly button, ya know… your gut. Speaking of gut, some say it is the second brain. Have you ever “gone with you gut feelings” or “had butterflies” I feel like that has alot to do with the connection in the Solar Plexus. At least for me, I know my intuitive sense is powered by a healthy, aligned, and balanced solar plexus. It’s my personal POWER! I think it deserves some extra attention (wink wink). It can play a big role in how you feel overall. Your self-esteem and confidence in YOU can be impacted by this energy center. When your Solar Plexus is balanced and open you may have that feel good mojo, seeing your worth, knowing the GODDESS/GOD within, the moments when your personality is a superstar and shines bright! Another way of looking at it, your Sacral Chakra being the fire and the Solar plexus being the fuel that ignites! Speaking of “Ignite” I did make a Solar Plexus activation titled “Ignite” so if you’re interested in checking that out check it out on my Youtube channel under chakra activation.

If your Solar Plexus is blocked or closed you may find yourself feeling a bit powerless, small, and having a tendency to “water” yourself down or putting out your own fire. You may begin to criticize yourself which by the way can weaken the other energy centers too. You might expedience an identity crisis… feeling as if you don’t even know who you are anymore. I also feel like the Solar Plexus is our inner gps, especially seeing as it is that second brain and can power your intuition to navigate you. If it is blocked, you may find you feel unmotivated, lacking momentum, and not knowing which direction your going in your personal life… helpless comes to mind! You may have guessed it by now, the Solar Plexus also has a lot to do with the actions you take and the willpower to follow through with your plans.

So the big question is… how do we open and balance this power house?

My first tip is to empower YOU! Think about or write things you love about yourself! Do you love the way your mind works,how graceful your body moves, how much love you have in your heart to give, maybe your own laughter, or your baby blues, how generous you are, how resilient you are, how adventurous you are, how you never truly give up?! I mean really soak in the things you love about you. While you’re at it, think about things that “fan your flames”! What inspires you, when you are the happiest, what your passionate about, intrigued by, and most important to you.

Another tip is to take your power back in any way you can, like making small power moves, small habits that you can bring into your field and see for yourself you have control. Start small and work your way up. Maybe you will drink a specific amount of water working your way up to bigger things like staying off of social media or not watching the news for a day or two or three… Then go for big goals you’ve always wanted to reach. Know your strength, know your power, be confident in yourself to take charge and reach high!

You can also do a quick tune up like I’ve talked about in other videos/blogs where you visualize this energy center which is yellow growing bigger and brighter! Very quick, very easy!

You can bring in some yellow food… bananas anyone?

If essential oils is your thing, you can use clary sage, rosemary, and juniper. If you collect crystals or want to begin working with the energy they hold, a great one to make sure you grab is citrine! It’s actually one of my favorites. I think another one that has a huge power feel to it is emerald.

Of course my favorite thing to do is tone/sing! So the sound for the Solar Plexus is “Oh” and the seed syllable is “RAM”. Try it out for yourself! You can also listen to a playlist I’ve made for the Solar Plexus of songs in key E. It’s a good mixture of all kinds of songs.

Also just like the sacral, the Solar Plexus is FIRE, so lite it up!

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