The Principle of Polarity Balancing the Law of Attraction

The Principle of Polarity balancing The Law of Attraction…say what? Ah, the power within the Law of Attraction! One of the more popular universal laws. What you ask for is given, right?! Well, yes, of course it is but is there a balance to it all? There is something I have noticed as of lateContinue reading “The Principle of Polarity Balancing the Law of Attraction”

Shadow Work Journal: Body Pain and Manifesting

I’ve been in a great deal of pain lately. In and out of the doctor’s office… even a trip to the emergency room. I’m having a lot of problems with my lower back that is well, honestly…scary! Painful, just doesn’t do what I am feeling justice. This is certainly not what I am intentionally tryingContinue reading “Shadow Work Journal: Body Pain and Manifesting”

Life isn’t Bland

…and if it is, for you… it’s not meant to be. I lived that “way” for along time. I let the mundane day to day: Eat, Work, Sleep cycle take over. Life was…bland. In fact, as bland as it gets. I would wake up and think,” Is this day over yet?” Not even wanting toContinue reading “Life isn’t Bland”